Concert Review: Smallpools @ The Bowery Ballroom – New York

Since catching Smallpools at their sold out Bowery Ballroom show, I have decided that I should quit my day job to become a talent scout. My confidence in the indie band’s success began almost two years ago when I attended Syracuse University. Instead of wasting my time at the main stage of the school’s annual music festival, I found myself quickly mesmerized by the foursome known as Smallpools. The same energy I discovered on that tiny side stage has far from dwindled as Sean, Mike, Joe, and Beau dazzled their second sold out NYC audience.

With an exciting combination of hits from their recent album ‘Lovetap!,’ as well as new twists on old EP favorites, the lineup was captivating and perfectly arranged. A highlight of the night was when the band came on stage with giant spraypainted inflatable killer whales. The whales symbolize a humorous point in the band’s career when they used to search their name on social media and came across numerous comments from social activists about the dangers of keeping killer whales in small pools. As a witty response to the concerned aquatic activists, Smallpools released a song called ‘Killer Whales.” Moments after the majestic beach toys were introduced, they were thrown into the loving hands of the fans surrounding me.

I am highly impressed with the quirky creativity of the band as a whole, and look forward to music releases and concerts to come. Though I can’t say whether or not my talent scouting career will turn out well, I can way without a doubt that Smallpools have huge things coming their way.

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Review by CJ Harvey | @CJHarvey2

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