Concert Review + Photos – CMW 2015: Sultan of the Disco @ Revival Bar – Toronto

Sultan of the Disco
This band takes the award for weirdest in the festival. Rolling up to the Revival Bar for the K-Pop showcase, I had no idea what to expect, and I when I got there I was impressed. A line stretched halfway down the block, with signs that people had been camping out in front of the theater all day if not longer. I hadn’t seen a line like this during the entire festival and it made me wonder even more what was going to happen when we got inside. Despite our media passes, by the time we got in people were so tightly packed at the front it was impossible to move up. We ended up leaving after the first set, but what a first set it was! Sultan of the Disco might be the most memorable band I’ve seen in a long time. Dressed like 90’s b-boys they strolled onto stage and began playing. Fun doesn’t even begin to explain what this band was like. The soul/disco era funk was infectious and the choreographed dance moves of the 2 singers on stage would have made James Brown proud. The band mixed other influences into the music like P-Funk and Curtis Mayfield, making it impossible to keep the smile off my face. On either side of the stage they had screens with logos and video designs that reminded me of computer graphic music videos from a decade ago. I could watch this band over and over again, they were that good, the videos online pale in comparison to what it’s actually like to see these guys live.

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Photos by Benjamin Telford (bentelfordphoto) | Review by Tristan Johnston

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