You’ve GOT to Hear This: Tobias Jesso Jr. – “Goon”

Tobias Jesso Jr.
Photo by David Rzegocki

I lost you in a dream and the dream came true” sings Tobias Jesso Jr. in the sentimental opening track of Goon. Offering flowery pianos and delicate vocals, each song is soft and smooth intertwining with one another, you forget that you just listened to the whole album three times. Sounding like a bouquet of roses, its gets me thinking, “ahhh this is so girly!” but its effortlessly addicting that I didn’t realize I liked it until I loved it. Messing with your feelings, Goon offers songs of hope. “Without You” gives you the courage to believe that true love exists, while other songs, “Hollywood” loses all hope in humanity; “I think I’m gonna die in Hollywood” confesses Jesso on the half-way point of the album. With a little horn, percussion, and strings, you hear a hint of Elton John and a dash of The Beatles, making some of the songs sound vaguely familiar while remaining fresh and relevant. With all this happiness and sorrow, you’ll be listening to Tobias Jesso Jr. today through tomorrow.

Review by Matthew Burke | @mattcraigburke

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