Concert Review + Photos – CMW 2015: Swervedriver, Sianspheric, and Little You Little Me @ The Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto

I don’t have much to say about the bands I saw on May the 6th. It wasn’t that they were bad, far from it. Sianspheric and Swervedriver were two of the more experimental, interesting acts I saw throughout the festival this year. Both bands took a long time to play out individual songs, Sianspheric especially seemed to eschew common structure in favour of a more post rock-style of arrangement running through many themes and sonic textures based on a starting structure or idea before bringing it back. The music was in a constant state of flux, swirling, and shifting, like a thunderstorm about to break. The energy was palpable even if it wasn’t matched by the energy coming from the guys on stage who seemed mostly stationary only really moving their feet when using the massive pedalboards they had set up.



Little You Little Me

Follow updates from Swervedriver here.

Photos by Benjamin Telford (bentelfordphoto) | Review by Tristan Johnston

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