Getting Cozy With: Jenny Lysander

Jenny Lysander

I’m Jenny Lysander, a singer/songwriter from Sweden. I am in Paris right now, touring France for my first album Northern Folk which was be released April 27 on Piers Faccini’s label Beating Drum. The album is a continuation of the story that began in October 2012 when I skipped school to go to London to see Piers Faccini play in the cellar of a pub in the heart of London at a Lantern Society night (an amazing club for folk singer/songwriters). The day before I left my mother convinced me to record a couple of songs that I could give to Piers after the show, so I did and a couple of days later Piers suggested he could try to produce my songs. Guess my happiness! So in the summer of 2013 I got an inter rail pass and traveled by train to the cevennes where Faccini lives with his family and we recorded the Lighthouse EP that came out last spring.

On Northern Folk, the new album, there are some very interesting collaborations. There’s Pat Donaldson who played with Sandy Denny back in the days, he’s playing bass on a couple of songs. And there’s Johan Persson who plays shawms and flutes in one of my favorite renaissance bands Vagando. And then there’s of course Piers Faccini who arranged, produced, put everything together and also wrote a song for it. It’s been a wonderful journey that will hopefully not end here.

Spring in Paris is nice. Very rainy— my type of weather. Thanks for having me AMBY! Take care!


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