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Jamie xx
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A Music Blog Yea? recently gave Jamie xx a call whist he was in Toronto promoting the release of his upcoming debut album In Colour — an album that is six years in the making. We discussed some things he would potentially take with him while touring, how his experience in The xx helped shape his album, and his ideal festival lineup, which was actually made a reality.

AMBY: Hey Jamie, welcome to AMBY. How are you doing today?

Jamie xx: Not bad, how are you?

AMBY: I’m pretty good. I’m excited to discuss your debut album In Colour today.

Jamie xx: Yeah!

AMBY: Just recently you announced that your debut album would be coming out the first of June, so first, I just wanted to say congratulations on your debut album!

Jamie xx: Thank you.

AMBY: Can you tell us a bit about the whole recording process and what helped you shape this album, which is six years in the making?

Jamie xx: I guess, like, a lot of touring and being away from home helped shape the album. Every moment in between, and doing The xx stuff… just making music on my own. I was never able to finish it, because I always wanted to just start it, you know? The beginning of last year, I decided to turn it into an album, so that I could finish it all. And, uh, yeah, that was basically it.

AMBY: Great! So, you stated that In Colour is all about transition and change, and how travelling and touring has changed you and your music, and how home is something that is constantly on your mind. What is one thing that you miss from home while on tour that you wish you could take along with you?

Jamie xx: Um, well it used to be friends, but now I can take some friends with me sometimes. And I’ve made new friends in lots of places that I end up, which is nice. Um, I guess I wouldn’t take anything now because I like missing home, and when I get home, it makes me really appreciate it.

AMBY: That’s true. On that note, who are some of your favourite artists or bands at the moment that you enjoy listening to when you’re on the road?

Jamie xx: Um, well, I kind of listen to a lot of old records at the moment… I just bought a Minnie Riperton album, which I’ve been listening to a lot.

AMBY: Cool. What’s your favourite track off of In Colour and why?

Jamie xx: I don’t really have a favourite track. Throughout making it, like, the last thing that I would finish, or I had been working on, was always my favourite track. And now that it’s all finished, I needed to, sort of, not listen to it for a while before I can decide which bits are my favourite. Because I just hear it all, and it’s like, you know, every little detail that I’ve been trying to get right for so long.

AMBY: Has your experience with being a part of The xx shaped this debut album in any way?

Jamie xx: Yeah, I mean, it’s how I learned to make music properly and how I, like, learned to be a proper human being. And, like, gain confidence, and I grew up doing it, so it’s been a part of everything.

AMBY: Great! So I just wanted to talk a bit about the release of your new music video for your song ‘Loud Places’, which features vocals by your fellow The xx group mate, Romy. Can you tell us what inspired the very visually stunning music video and what exactly it means to you?

Jamie xx: Well, I mean, before, me and Romy used to make music, we used to skate – that was how we sort of became best friends. And that side of our friendship has never been shown before. Nobody really knew about it. So I wanted to do that since we made this song together in a similar way to how we used to make music, just us two. So that was basically it!

AMBY: You have many festival shows this summer, all starting with Coachella, which is in a couple of days actually. So, I wanted to ask you: if you could create your own festival lineup, who would be featured in the line-up?

Jamie xx: Uh, well we did create our own festival. We did one in London, one in Berlin, one in Portugal. And we had… well, London Grammar played, John Talabot, Jon Hopkins, Floating Points, Benji B, Chromatics, Jessie Ware, the Innervisions guys, and like, all those guys were people that we really wanted to put on our lineup. And it took a lot of effort and thought to put into it.

AMBY: Yeah, that is a great line-up! So, to finish off this interview, what is something about you that most of your fans may not know yet, or something that you just want to share with your fans?

Jamie xx: That’s hard [laughs] I kind of like not to give away too much. Um. I… love… ketchup?

AMBY: [laughs] Thanks once more for speaking with A Music Blog, Yea? today. We’re very excited for what you have in store in the coming months, and we all cannot wait to share this with our readers.

Jamie xx: Thanks!

AMBY: Have a good day today. Thank you, Jamie!


Thank you Jamie xx, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Lauren D’Souza | @laurendsuz

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