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The Technicolors
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recently sat down with Brennan of Phoenix rock group The Technicolors before their show at the Beacham in Orlando earlier this month. Dive into their conversation below as we their Ultraviolet EP, using Reddit, playing great venues, and weird fan gifts.

AMBY: How are you doing today?

Brennan: Pretty good! Pretty good.

AMBY: Good! So can you tell about the song collaboration that you did with your fellow tour mates?

Brennan: Yes. It was done very quickly and I think it was Pat’s idea of getting everybody on the tour on something together. It was fun for us because we actually did it before we met any of the Real Friends or Knuckle Puck guys. It was a song that I was completely unfamiliar with and Pat asked me if I’d sing on it and it turned out pretty cool.

AMBY: So the idea for it came before the tour then?

Brennan: Yea, it was Pat’s idea.

AMBY: So your Ultraviolet EP came out in April. Congratulations.

Brennan: Thank you.

AMBY: Was the writing process a smooth one?

Brennan: Kind of, yea. Looking back on it, it was, I think. It always seems like it’s smoother in hindsight then when you’re in the, in the grind of it. But I think it, it was done so quickly from scratch; we did it, the whole thing – writing and everything – from scratch in about 3 weeks.

AMBY: Oh, wow!

Brennan: And it was… we didn’t really… the only reason we did it that quickly was because we had the tour coming up. It was kind of a last minute decision to make an EP. We actually had a different EP that we were going to release, kind of in support of the tour. Or of us being on the tour. But we decided to go with this one. Or I guess, we recorded one song and had such a great experience doing that that we decided to roll with that and then do 4 more.

AMBY: What do you like about it that’s different from your previous record, Listener?

Brennan: I mean, other than just from us maturing as musicians, I feel like I’ve learned a lot. In a good way. In a way that I’ve learned a lot about myself since then. And this, I guess the biggest difference is that this EP feels like we were able to try new things, but still in a very like, true — in a way that was still true to us. As opposed to… I don’t know sometimes when you try new things for the sake of trying new things it’s just… it feels forced or… disingenuous… and… Yea, I think this time around we were trying these things as a way to capture a certain mindset or something and there was actually like intention behind it so yea. I think that’s the biggest difference is we, we were really… for ourselves. Like we reached outside the box further than we ever have and felt like we were doing that in a way that was still true to who we are.

AMBY: So, on Reddit recently a user compared your song Tonight You Are Mine to a song that might come off of AM by Arctic Monkeys. Were you aware of that? How did it feel?

Brennan: I was aware that we were on Reddit. I didn’t know that that’s what they said about it. That’s cool. We’re fans of theirs, they’re a cool band. I hadn’t really thought about that, but that’s really cool.

AMBY: Along this tour you’ve been able to play some really great venues, like the 9:30 Club and The Best Buy Theatre. Had you ever imagined playing anywhere like that? How did it feel?

Brennan: It felt awesome! The 9:30 Club was such a great experience and they really have something special going on there. It was really great. Best Buy Theatre was cool. That show was so crazy because I don’t know it’s just something about playing in New York City is such a rush of adrenaline. It was similar to the first show of the tour was in Phoenix at a really big venue in Phoenix and you know the first show is always the show that you don’t want to be in your home town ha ha cause you wanna get it out of your way and then do the important shows a little bit after that, but it started right in our home town and it went great. It was such a blast and uh, but it was just a rush of adrenaline. So I don’t really remember… like I don’t remember that show, I don’t remember the New York show. But man, yeah those two New York and 9:30 were special shows.

AMBY: So speaking of Phoenix, how did you guys come to join the 8123 family?

Brennan: I think just from being in Phoenix and it was a combination of us living there and there’s not a ton musically going on there. I guess there’s not a lot of people that are really striving to build a ca- build careers in music. I think we were going through just like a transitional period in where we were just in our lives and as a band and we were going through a lot trying to figure out what to do and had known some of the dudes, just through mutual friends, we’ve always kind of had friend circles that have like, you know, brushed up against each other and they just… they just ended up connecting… we ended up meeting some of the dudes and it just worked out. It kind of naturally happened.

AMBY: I see a lot of interactions with fans on Twitter and Instragram, and you guys meet a lot of fans at shows. Was there any specific moment that you realized that you had a fan base that was starting to grow?

Brennan: I think the tour in general, maybe not a specific moment, but you know maybe, kind of around the time the tour started. I mean even building up to the tour, we could sense the excitement and it made us excited, too. But I think doing, like playing that out and seeing people come to the shows and singing to the songs, that’s kind of where you realize that something’s happening. We’ve never done a tour this big before. It’s been kind of weird. In a good way!

AMBY: Were there any meetings with fans that stuck out or maybe, like any, cool pieces of fan art that you’ve received?

Brennan: Yea, man so many weird things. I just love the weird stuff! [laughs] Somebody gave us a unicorn, that they made at Build A Bear, I think.

AMBY: Oh, that’s fantastic.

Brennan: Something really weird. And then, also a, what else was it? Some people gave me a really cool Star Wars shirt. I think, in honor of May 4th. It was right before May 4th. So I finally, I actually had a shirt to wear on Star Wars Day!

AMBY: That’s cool.

Brennan: And what else did they give me? They gave us like a whole care package thing full of just weird stuff. The weirder stuff I always, I always dig, you know? That’s the stuff that sticks out.

AMBY: Can you tell me about the stamp? That I see all over Twitter on everybody’s arms and hands?

Brennan: Yes, um. Yea we got it at Staples!

AMBY: Really?

Brennan: Yea!

AMBY: That’s great. How did it start? Did someone just say, “Hey, this would be a cool idea?”

Brennan:I think someone just threw it out there. I think Sean [Silverman, vocals/guitars] through it out there. Like, “Hey it’d be cool to just stamp people”, like it’s just something we can do… and you know, we’re a new band and I think it’s sometimes hard since we don’t have a lot of time to play our music, so I think in today’s day and age it’s hard for somebody to feel connected to something if you just kind of walk in late and catch like the last two songs, so uh I think by doing that, we’ve been able to kind of like strike up a conversation with people that would be… I guess the people that are gravitating towards our music and uh, hopefully give them an opportunity just to feel like more of a part of what we’re doing. And yea, it’s been cool. You know I – it’s weird – I never would have thought of that idea and then once we did it kind of just worked out cause our logo works to be put right on the stamp!

AMBY: Ok, so my last question is what’s something about the band that most of your fans do not know yet?

Brennan: Hmmm…. Um. About the band? Shoot, I don’t know. I think we’re… man I’m gonna have a hard time answering that question. Let me think for a minute… I mean we’re pretty transparent with like everything we do and everything that we like and I’m trying to think of like when people ask us weird, weird things about us… I don’t know, you know, I’ll say this: I’ll just say you have to find out.

AMBY: That’s a great answer.

Brennan: Stay tuned and you’ll find out! You know what I mean, that’s my cop out answer.

AMBY: Thanks for sitting down with us!


Thank you The Technicolors, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Emily Chavarie | @emily_chavarie

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