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The View
Scottish indie rockers The View released their debut album ‘Hats Off to the Buskers’ in 2007, and now three albums later (not including 2013’s Seven Year Setlist) the band have just finished recording their latest album ‘Ropewalk’ set to be released on the 8th June. With the release of new single ‘Marriage’, The View appear to be taking a step in a different direction, the clean and slick song which features a calm and almost funk like steady drum beat shows off a refreshingly new side to the band. With the album being described by Kyle Falconer (lead vocals/guitar) to have “taken us out of our comfort zone”, we got the chance to talk to the front man himself about ‘Ropewalk’ as well as working alongside Albert Hammond, Jr. and getting back on tour again.

AMBY: How are you doing?

Kyle: Doing good, yea, everything’s good.

AMBY: You’ve had some time off almost, what’s it been like?

Kyle: We’ve had a bit of a gap, we did this Seven Year Setlist the June before last and we recorded that album. Then we went back to America to tour this like greatest hits, whatever you call it, album. So we’ve had that and then this kinda year off and it just got a bit boring. We’re not used to being off; we’ve been doing it since we were 14 years old, the same band, so it was just weird.

AMBY: You’ve been recording the new album Ropewalk, what’s that process been like?

Kyle: We recorded the album in Hamburg with Albert Hammond, Jr. When we went into production we were a bit all over the place, we never really had an idea what to expect when we went in. I mean, normally we’d have been rehearsing up for ages, but like with this we sort of went in and did it on the spot. We’d had all these songs for ages so we kinda let Albert decide and choose the songs which he wanted to record, whereas normally we’d be like “no we want to do these songs” but we kinda put our trust in him and it was good.

AMBY: What has the writing process been like for this album and what ideas have gone into it?

Kyle: It’s strange because I went to L.A and stuff. I went away writing for a bit and when we came back and heard all this sort of like interpretation of what the band was going to sound like it ended up being the complete opposite. When I was writing I had songs like ‘Suffice’ and some others and these songs I thought were the way it was going to sound, but when we met Albert, he picked these songs of like a 50 track demo and the songs he wanted were the ones that I didn’t expect. So ‘Marriage’ “something old, something new…” it was always like this kind of piano song and I’d had it for ages and he kinda put this beat on it and that was not like something we’d ever done before, so we did. It was cool to see it like that.

AMBY: You’ve mentioned Albert Hammond, Jr. already, but what sort of influence has he had on this album?

Kyle: It’s weird because I always felt like it was different because I never knew what he was going to bring to the table. But especially drum wise, there’s a lot of things he does with the drums and because he actually plays in a band it was cool. I think you kinda fall into a habit when you’re writing and when we were there we were kinda like sticking to our guns. He was like let’s try this and try that and it’s hard to take that because when you’ve been working like this since you were young and suddenly he just comes and goes, ya hear the one about this, it was kinda hard to take but it was definitely a real eye opener and its worked out for the best. We normally make like 14-15 track albums as well but on this album there’s only 10 tracks that we’ve recorded.

AMBY: It sounds like you’ve been taken out of your comfort zone, how’s this compared to other albums you’ve recorded?

Kyle: It’s not comfortable to start with, there’s no initial comfort to it but I suppose there isn’t much for any new thing. It was strange but then again its always strange anyway, when it comes to releasing an album you’ve been working on it so long and then all of a sudden it’s like boom you get thrown in the deep end and it’s like ‘shit’, but it was good, it was good. Also where abouts are you from are you from, Leeds?

AMBY: Nah, I’m from Sheffield.

Kyle: Ahh that’s close, so you’re from Yorkshire then. Just off the subject, whenever we’ve played in Yorkshire over the years the crowds are always chanting “Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire” and this one time Pete actually thought they were shouting “Your shit…” and erm it proper riled him up [laughs] but at least now we’ve discovered what there actually shouting.

AMBY: Whilst recording the album, have you gained any memorable stories that you could possibly share with us?

Kyle: To be honest, this album we were technically sober and there was no getting fucked up, we were in Hamburg and in the middle of nowhere. But like this one night I got really drunk and ended up smashing this bottle and having a naked wrestling match on the glass, but that was about the craziest things that happened because after that we were like, erm, maybe we should stop drinking.

AMBY: You’re about to get back on the road again, doing a tour of the UK. Are you looking forward to playing live again?

Kyle: To be honest, I always love playing live, it’s what we’re doing it for and its great. It’s quite nerve racking as well with playing the new songs and we’re going to alternate them every night and see what works the best. It’s weird because when you’ve just played a hit and announce your playing a new song you often see people walking over to the bar to get a drink and you kinda want to shout you won’t be saying that in a year when it’s a hit will you.

AMBY: Which songs off of the new album that you’re looking forward to playing the most?

Kyle: It’s only like a 10 track album, so I wouldn’t say there’s any in particular but Pete the guitarist, he wrote one of the songs on the album so it’s his debut, it’s not the first time he’s wrote but it’s the first time one of the songs has been on the album, and it’s kinda like I want to do it more justice because I can see it sounds great and that Pete really digs it.

AMBY: Thanks for talking to us Kyle, can’t wait to see the band at The Leadmill gig.

Kyle: Sound, nice one Jacob, see ya.


Thank you The View, for giving us your answers!

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