Getting Cozy With: Those Goddamn Hippies

Those Goddamn Hippies
Photo by Nicola von Leffern

Hi there it is Tom here from Those Goddamn Hippies.

The band is led by myself and live I am joined by Mike on guitar, and David on drums.

The Hippies sound draws influence from the likes of Apparat, Steve Reich, Trentemøller, and Sohn.

Getting the EP finished was a really exciting process. All the songs started out on acoustic guitar and later found their way into Ableton where they got quite an elaborate electronic treatment. I had a pretty clear picture of how things should be in terms of sound aesthetics so it was just a case of playing around until everything was just right. I worked a lot with good friend and fellow producer David Furrer to translate some of the sounds from synth lines back to guitar lines and to create a coherent sonic picture. It was a really playful process.

Having never played the songs in a band context meant that we were faced with a new challenge of translating the EP production, which had only been played in the studio, to a live context. Although this way of working may have it’s drawbacks it certainly allowed us to present a much more developed live sound than if we had needed to take things on the road before having properly produced the songs.

At the moment we are playing club shows and will be hitting a few festivals this summer. We are already working on new material for a second release later this year.

Thanks for having us!

Lots of love

Those Goddamn Hippies x


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