You’ve GOT to Hear This: Desmond and the Tutus – “Teenagers”

Desmond & the Tutus
I have a confession: I am addicted to making playlists. I have a playlist for every season, occasion, and mood you can think of (okay well not EVERYTHING, but you get my drift). As if waiting for summer isn’t torture enough, I’ve decided to start making my annual summer playlist. With summer being one of my favorite seasons, my summer playlist is something I spend an extensive amount of time creating. Carefully selecting only the perfect songs, one can only imagine how excited I was to have stumbled upon Desmond and the Tutus Teenagers on my SoundCloud feed.

As part one of a three part release (which made its debut early September of 2014) entitled ‘Enjoy Yourself’, Teenagers is definitely a stand-out track. On the first of April, Teenagers was re-released as its own EP comprised of a radio edit along with three remixes. If parts two and three of Enjoy Yourself are anything like part one, you might as well go ahead and take my money now.

Desmond and the Tutus’ Teenagers is what I would describe as summer in a song. With chill, beachy undertones and irresistibly catchy lyrics (No, really. It’s been stuck in my head for the past two weeks), this indie-rock jam makes me want to lay out in the sun with a cool drink (fully equipped with one of those tiny umbrellas, of course). Listeners will feel at ease with this fun, upbeat medley of high school nostalgia, a danceable beat, and cool, surfer-esque guitar.

Even though it may be a tad premature (seeing as summer doesn’t officially begin for about two months), I can most definitely say that Teenagers has rightfully secured its spot at the top of my Summer 2015 Playlist.

You can purchase Enjoy Yourself, Pt. 1 on iTunes or stream for free on SoundCloud.

Review by Ginny Boehm | @ginnyboehm

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