You’ve GOT to Hear This: DMA’s – “DMA’s”

‘It’s in my HEART, it’s in my head for YOUUUUU…….’ Get used to those lyrics, you’ll be singing along with them with sheer passion in no time at all. It’s a great moment on the quality opening track from this awesome young band’s first major EP. DMA’s are a three piece band from Australia but judging by the music you’d think they were coming straight out of a council estate in Manchester, England. Yes, they sound a lot like Oasis. This is no bad thing when the songs are this good. ‘Feels Like 37’ is a shoegazey, scuzzy romp with an awesome little guitar melody thrown in, and when the lead singer yelps ‘Gone Away, Gone Away, Gone Awayyyy’ you’ll be certain Liam Gallagher just jumped on the mic. ‘Delete’ is the real centrepiece of this EP; a slow burning acoustic anthem that fades out in a whirl of noise and passion, this is the tune to listen to first and be blown away by. The influences are there for all to see, but these three have written six excellent songs that point towards a bright future in their own right.

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Review by Toby Clayton | @tobyclayton01

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