You’ve GOT to Hear This: Palma Violets – “Danger In The Club”

Palma Violets
When Palma Violets’ debut 180 shot them to indie rock fame, thanks primarily to lead single ‘Best Of Friends’ pouring out of radios and playlists everywhere, fans and critics began to wonder what they would do with their second album. The band promised a more mature sound, but in early 2014, in true Palma Violets style, they got rid of everything, started over and produced what is their new release, Danger In The Club. As you’d expect, it’s messy, loud, and unashamedly in your face.

The opening track itself sets the tone for the record; a 22 second ‘song’ named ‘Sweet Violets’ that sounds like two locals down the pub singing a ditty after a few drinks. After this, the album launches head first into ‘Hollywood (I Got It)’, a punk inspired pub rock anthem with the boys clattering away at their instruments making as much of as a racket as possible, while singing, in gang-style vocals, “Fresh fish/ I got it!”.

Danger In The Club is a chaotic mess that captures the youthful charm of the band and spreads it across thirteen barmy tracks. The real highlights come in the form of tracks like title track ‘Danger In The Club’ and ‘Gout! Gang! Go!’ which sees them acting as a kind of warped modern day Clash, with choruses demanding to be howled by legions of young fans everywhere. ‘Coming Over To My Place’ has arguably one of the best sing-alongs with guitarist Sam Fryer and bassist Chilli Jenson screaming ‘I would rather die!’ over and over as the lighter song begins to fade.

As far albums go, Danger In The Club is a great effort. It serves as the perfect successor to their debut 180, where they found a sound all their own and cemented it on this record. It sees the band continue the legacy set by other British indie artists like The Libertines and early Arctic Monkeys, where Palma Violets capture the same vibe of life and excitement felt by everyone at one time in their lives. The band could stand to evolve/experiment with their sound on their next album, but until then grab a drink, prepare your voice and join in with the care-free antics of the boys from Lambeth.

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Review by James Davidson | @jamesrdavidson2

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