You’ve GOT to Hear This: Twenty One Pilots – “Blurryface”

Twenty One Pilots
has to be my absolute favourite release by Twenty One Pilots. The album is an emotional rollercoaster and when listening to it I can guarantee you, there will be tears, dancing and the random organization of your vinyl collection. The range of emotions this album takes you through is actually unreal. From the insatiable need to go romantic road trips as shown in “Tear in My Heart” to just wanting to stay home and live in darkness in “Goner” the album takes you all around the world in just a few hours.

Tyler Joseph said something particularly interesting about the character Blurryface, he “represents all the things that I as an individual, but also everyone around, is insecure about.”

The pop duo have created a hot mess, one that I’ve had on repeat for 2 whole weeks. The album has a mixture of several genres to create an incredible ensemble that debut at number one on the “Billboard Top 200 Chart”.

“Goner” was a total hit with Twenty One Pilots’ fans like me. The song is slow and melodic. It has an element of darkness to it that is almost hypnotic.

My favourite song on the record “Tear in My Heart” has a reminiscent feel of many Beatles’ songs. The drums work so well with Tyler Joseph’s vocals in this particular track. I love the crescendos in Tyler’s voice during the chorus; I could listen to this song for eternity. I also think the lyrics of this song are so amazing and are so real when speaking about love and how the people we love remind us how good life is and how we will go to the ends of the earth to keep them safe and comfortable.

“Ride” has been officially added to my summer playlist. It is a song you will be obsessed with when you listen to the album because of its summer vibes.

The best part of Blurryface is that the band decided to bring back the keyboard and ukulele, true to their alternative sound.

As a person like any other, I often forget that my feelings are valid. Blurryface is a character who cares what you think and one that finds value in your emotions. I love that the duo included one of the things we fear the most, ourselves.

I could go on and write a novel about the feels this record gave me but I think you would love it even more if you listened to it. I believe that Twenty One Pilots created an iconic record that is true to the human mind and ears. You can experience the musical journey of a literal lifetime on Spotify and I can assure, you won’t be disappointed.

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Review by Jiya Mehta | @maydayjiya

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