Exclusive Video Premiere: BELLA LOKA – “Colin”

Bella Loka

Have you ever wanted to follow the adventures of a man with musical superpowers who travels across time and space to fight an epic battle? Yes. You’ve come to the right place. Today we’re pleased to host the worldwide premiere of BELLA LOKA‘s brilliant animated video for Colin. Serving as the latest single from their debut EP Escape, the song is a bubbly indie-pop tune which suits the video perfectly.

While the song was recorded at the infamous Abbey Road Studios, the video was entirely created by vocalist and songwriter Tea Boothby. Originally inspired by a real-life Colin, the video “expands the story to an epic tale of two anti-heroes called Colin and the Blue Miner who connect across time and space to fight an epic battle on a higher plane resulting in the exchange of powers and the birth of a star”.

Since the release of Escape, the London husband-wife duo (comprised of Tea and David Boothby) have been back in Abbey Road and will drop a new EP in late 2015. Watch the video for Colin on A Music Blog, Yea? below, and follow updates from BELLA LOKA here:

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