Getting Cozy With: Goodbye Honolulu

Goodbye Honolulu
Whats up all you “A Music Bog, Yea?” readers!

We are Goodbye Honolulu! It’s a pleasure getting cozy with y’all!

The Honolulu boys consist of Fox (Guitar/Bass/Vocals), Jacob (Guitar/Bass/Vocals), Max “Bonehead” (Drums), & Emmett (Guitar/Bass/Vocals). Our sound is consistently in the style of Garage Rock but when you got four different dudes writing the tunes- the influence and sound tend to vary- which we find fun as hell and super exciting, and honestly more intriguing for you guys- the listeners!

We’ve released three songs to date (“Mother To A Brother”, “No Fear” and “Bum Me Out”), and got a pretty crazy sounding full length album getting it’s final touches in the lab right now! The album was produced by local legend/ Producer John Switzer and features 8 songs (recorded live off the floor at Orchard Studios). We feel that the record is a perfect snapshot of what we’re doing right now and we’re just honestly reeeeally excited to finally share it with all the homies!

We release all our music and videos- as well as all our friends music through our own independent record label, Fried Records, which is run and operated by all the dudes in the band as well as a few close friends!  If anyone would like us to put out their music, all you gotta do is find us on Facebook and send us a message! Believe us- we love hearing and releasing similar music more than anything!

We are currently gigging a ton in Toronto with plans to tour Canada and wherever else as soon as we can! You can find all our most up-to-date info on Goodbye Honolulu’s Facebook page/Tumblr Page, hear all our music on our BandCamp page, check out all our pictures on our Instagram page and peep all our self-made music videos on Fried Record’s YouTube channel! We hope to see you guys at an upcoming gig getting sweaty and crazy and we’ll have our new album for all your ears very very soon!

You guys were mad cozy! Thanks for cozying up with us!

We’re Goodbye Honolulu, we’ll see you guys soon!


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