Getting Cozy With: Animal Music

Animal Music

We are Tom Sutcliffe and Pete Pocket from Animal Music.

Pete :  It is currently 3am in London Town and I am sitting with a very bruised heart and a pint of milk writing music. Our cover of The Killers, Mr Brightside is currently making it’s way round the internet and weaving through blog postings and preparing the world for our first big single. We have been accused of standing on hallowed and sacred ground by covering such a big song. That accusation has been the largest part of the pleasure I have personally derived from the song being made public. If I could set up my home on hallowed ground and never move then I would. In fact I am already there and the bailiffs have arrived to evict me.

Tom: We’ve spent the last two years ferociously blagging our very existence getting our album written/recorded so it’s crazy exciting to get some music out into the world. We are all stupidly passionate about the music we’re making and hopefully you won’t hate us for whacking some wobs on The Killers.

Pete: We are song writers animating ourselves through drum and bass. Another hallowed genre that doesn’t take kindly to squatters. But you know it is important to follow your instincts and wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to art and music. And it is even more important to dig your heels in from time to time.

London is warm right now and the days have spread until 10pm. Tomorrow I will breath in every part of the day. Thank you for being you AMBY! Take care.


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