You’ve GOT to Hear This: Foals – “What Went Down”


Coming in almost like a modernised pseudo-western movie intro, before immediately driving forward into hard rock territory, What Went Down is a typical first single from a new Foals album as you’ll get. In that has only mere tethers that tie it directly to the band you thought you knew on their previous work.

This song is a shot across the bows, an outright assault that you know from the first time you hear it you’ll be leaving the next Foals gig you see with bruises from the moment this one slams in. Make no mistake, you can tell from the off that this is the same band; the oscillating synth drone, Yannis’s vocal melody, and that sense of dancefloor-ready rhythm. But then that guitar rolls in as though it came from somewhere in Seattle in the early 90’s and everything takes a sinister turn.

The raw, unrestrained power of the chorus is something hinted at on Inhaler and then to keep you guessing where things head next, there’s a beautifully crafted middle section with dripping synth melody and a sense of euphoria. And just as suddenly, you can feel the moshpit already forming itself around you.

If there’s been a better band at saying we’re back, pay attention in recent times that you’d throw in any lazy genre bracket with these guys then I must have missed them.

Review by Matthew Pease-Bower | @OPLband

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