Festival Review + Photos: Northside Festival 2015 (including The Black Keys, Interpol, George Ezra, + more)

Festival season is all up and running at the moment. There are a lot of festive events and it can be a challenge to choose which ones to go for. With that said, AMBY is covering a fine amount of them to let you experience as many as possible! Northside Festival in Denmark was one of them. It is not to be mistaken for the Northside Festival in New York, US, though they share name and time of celebration. This festival was held over three days and with a relatively wide range of musical acts, presenting well known artists with some up and coming musicians. The audience seemed like a good blend of the massive fans and other curious folk enjoying the cozy surroundings. A bit of rain — well, a lot of pouring rain — couldn’t break the festive spirit. After some time under covers of tents most got back into the rain to enjoy the concerts. For those who went to festival, this is a reminder of the good times we had. For those of you who wasn’t able to go or haven’t heard of the festival yet, then this is an inside look to what can happen at Northside. Follow along for some highlights and photos!

On the first night of the festival I went to watch perform. As I had a look at the audience, it struck me that a lot of them had looked forward to this specific concert. A fair amount of girls had styled their hair to look the characteristic 90’s and sporty ways MØ puts it and as she appeared on stage they put their hands towards the stage to greet her. It was top points all over with the band she had brought along as the music played lively and had an energetic presence. Karen Marie Ørsted (that is more known in the alias as MØ or MO) filled the stage with a great persona while she jumped back and forth with fine poses. The impression couldn’t have been more bombastic as she moved on the edge of the stage. This girl needs a stamp that says “guarantee for great live show”.

The Brits in alt-j showed off a more introvert style. The four guys did seem to be in a good mood and flashed some smiles, but kept their places on stage, with eyes closed from time to time and only moved calmly to the rhythms. Letting the music take over as they performed. The thing about alt-j is that their vocal harmonies are quite epic and the music so deliciously rhythmic. I had my trouble of standing still while photographing them, then enjoyed being able to follow up on the rhythms with the audience afterwards.

When the sky turned grey and the rain was pouring down like none before, that was the time for Wolf Alice to start their concert. When thinking back to the weather conditions, I was pretty impressed by the amount of people who showed up to watch them despite the open waters. Most of them sought cover under a tent though but some heroic fans had moved themselves into the wide open. I know for sure that not even a raincoat could hold it back. The weather kept the energy down some levels, but instead of just having fun by the pond it looked like the band was getting used to the rainy conditions as well. Joff Oddie on guitar and Theo Ellis on bass brought some dynamics to the performance as they moved around on stage. Ellie Rowsell shared a lovely vocal and the sound was quite captivating.

Later in the evening the rain was still falling and puddles of mud had appeared. The weather didn’t keep people away though and the field was filled up like it should before Placebo’s concert. Some of the audience must have slid and splashed their way to the stage. I know from myself that the ground was insecure as I faced the mud on my way to photograph the concert. Five meters from the stage, I lost ground control and while holding my camera up the rest of me got ready for the fall. It was so to say a bit embarrassing to stand before the crowd and greet Placebo with mud all over. I guess that’s true festival spirit. Placebo did seem to take the soaked surroundings with such a fine mood. Brian Molko was all smiles and the band had a good connection with the audience. The live energy and live sound to the songs blew me away as well that night. The songs where presented with just the right quality to it. It was epic to hear the audience scream for more like no other band with the calls PLA-CE-BO! PLA-CE-BO!

The last day of the festival started out with young band Ulige Numre. The group play some indie rock tunes with Danish lyrics. They have been around for some years by now and had attracted a fine amount of audiences that seemed to know the band’s songs like it was the national anthem and so. There definitely was a national romantic feeling to it. Epic. Furthermore the band made sure to share a raw live sound with Carl Emil Petersen in front.

It was with sunshine on my shoulders and a returned feeling of summer I went to watch George Ezra’s set of songs. The young gentleman appeared charming as always and performed his well known songs such as Cassy O and Budapest with an ease. The sing along factor was irresistible.

I am sure that Interpol have some of the most well dressed band members in the indie rock genre. The members appeared on stage in classic white-black-grey toned clothing. Making the whole presentation go together, the background was matching the simple but strong expression with a grey-toned picture of two hands looking quite mysterious and ghostlike behind the band members. The guys seemed dedicated and candid as they began to play their set of songs. Each word, note, and rhythm shared felt sincere. The performance might have been a bit static, but it had lots of depth and strength. It did put a new level to the music as it was presented live.

There is a lot of great rock bands out there. The Black Keys have made sure to stand out with a recognizable sound as well. The strong and catching tunes from duo Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney is easy to welcome in and rock out to. With a circus tent painted background and colorful stage lights the entertainment was set. It was a convincing performance they brought to the audience at the end of this year’s Northside Festival making it clear that the guys know how to play and share it live. We all just watched some true masters of rock’n’roll.

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Review and Photos by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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