Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Dreamers

Ahead of their latest tour with Young Rising Sons and Hunter Hunted, AMBY picked up the phone to give Brooklyn trio Dreamers a call to discuss pushing boundaries, sneaking a cat into hotel rooms, forthcoming material, and being impractical. Comprised of Nick Wold (vocals, guitar), Chris Bagamery (drums, backup vocals), and Nelson (bass, backup vocals), the group will soon be creating more 70’s infused cosmic rock for a new record. Get acquainted in our exclusive interview below before the material’s release and catching them live!

AMBY: Dreamers! Welcome to AMBY.

DREAMERS: Thank you. We appreciate it.

AMBY: Same with us! You soon kick off your North American tour dates which include shows alongside Young Rising Sons, Hunter Hunted, X-Ambassadors, and Gringo Star. Even though you’re only a couple hours into it, the excitement must be brewing. How’s it going for you all?

DREAMERS: It’s going great. The excitement has actually been brewing since the beginning of March and we’re kind of taking a break here until we will be doing the things you are discussing. We’re excited for it.

AMBY: A couple of months back, you toured across the country with Stone Temple Pilots. Are you all big STP fans?

DREAMERS: We were! Huge fans, particularly Nelson is the biggest fan, he knows all of their songs. I’ve been a fan of them since I’ve probably started listening to music. I’ve been a huge fan, it was great! They are amazing people and they were great shows. We sold out almost all of them. It was kind of crazy.

AMBY: Something fans really loved hearing about was Lil’ Trucker and her rescue. I saw that you recently found a good home for her. How long did you have Trucker with you?

DREAMERS: We had Trucker on the road for about a week and a half. We would sneak her into our hotel rooms and we would take her to show sin a little carrier.

AMBY: Do you think you’ll ever invest in getting a tour pet?

DREAMERS: Yea! It actually worked out really well. We should do that. It worked out a lot better than we thought it would. She actually held up just fine, once we got to our hotels we would let her out and she’d run around and be just fine. She became very comfortable in the car; most cats freak out in cars. We had to sneak her in in the pockets of our jackets, and we’d go into hotel rooms and before letting her out we had to check the whole space for her. We had to kitty proof the room. Then we would just let her attack all of us when we fell asleep. It was really really great. She is now with our friends in Dallas and she’s got cat brothers and sisters and the best veterinary care.

AMBY: That’s fantastic to hear.

DREAMERS: She was very young so we wanted to make sure everything was right. It’s just stuff that we certainly didn’t have time to do on the road. We had to unload her, although, we miss her very much.

AMBY: I’m sure. You’re also playing some festivals throughout the summer. If you could curate your own festival, who would be in the line-up?

DREAMERS: Do they have to be alive?

AMBY: Nope.

DREAMERS: We’ve already played with some bands that I would put on my three all time lineups. For example, The Pixies, and The Strokes. It was really exciting for us. We’re also going to be playing with Dinosaur Jr. It’s really cool that those are actually happening. Our dream lineup of all time would probably be Nirvana with The Doors.

AMBY: You released your latest Dreamers EP back in November. Have you started working on any more material while on the road?

DREAMERS: Oh yea. We’re actually going hard, we’re going to be recording an album all summer while we’re touring. We’re going to be in and out LA in a studio. We’ve got a bunch of new material we’re going to be recording. We’re going to record our first full length album really soon.

AMBY: That’s great news!

DREAMERS: We still don’t actually necessarily have a full idea of what songs are going to comprise the final album. New songs are still being written as we speak so it’s a lot. But we’re excited for it to get recorded and released.

AMBY: I came across the band’s personal manifesto which reads, “We are impractical. We do not listen to those that doubt us. We push the boundaries.” I love when I see bands with that mentality. How do you feel you’re going to push the boundaries on your forthcoming releases?

DREAMERS: Good question. I think we generally try to do that with everything we do in life and that kind of felt like one of the main points of doing this with your life for us. We never wanted to sell ourselves short or try to do something that was not fully invested in with all of our hearts. We’re just really going to go all of the way. We’re constantly touring and writing every day. We’ll be doing the most that we can to make it as new level as possible.

I feel like as a group we have that mentality to do as much as possible that we can. It’s motivating to hear “that’s impossible”, and we’re very motivated by that kind of thing. We have an album with artistic goals and we’re going to create the most inspirational album of all time, and even if we fall short of that goal we will achieve it in some sort of personal way. If you’re not even on that frequency how can you achieve that?

AMBY: If you didn’t have that mentality you probably wouldn’t have hit the road with STP or touring across all of North America, so just congrats on that because I think it’s awesome to see someone with that kind of ambition.

DREAMERS: Thank you! Our inspiration is Arnold Schwarzenegger [laughs]. Yea, pumping iron.

AMBY: [laughs] At the moment, we’re really enjoying the EP’s lead single Wolves at the AMBY homebase. Wolves was actually featured in an episode of The Vampire Diaries. If you could have your music featured in any show or film, which would you choose?

DREAMERS: Game of Thrones. We could write for that show. Right when the Wildlings are having an epic battle it’s just like *sings guitar riff to Wolves (You Got Me)*

AMBY and DREAMERS: [laughs]

AMBY: To wrap things up, what’s something about Dreamers that most of your fans don’t know yet?

DREAMERS: Is there anything about ourselves we haven’t Tweeted about? We’ve probably put everything about ourselves out there on Twitter I think.


Thank you Dreamers, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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