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George Ezra
I love having a staff comprised of talented photographers and writers who are based around the globe. One of the main reasons I love it is because I’m constantly learning about emerging artists before they break, all from different AMBY Team members in different locations.

When it comes to English singer-songwriter George Ezra, the first time I heard of this artist was from one of our staffers before Ezra released his debut record Wanted on Voyage, sold out shows across Europe and North America, and had his single Budapest go to number one on multiple Top Charts.

Being fans for a while, it was our pleasure to pick up the phone and give George Ezra a call to discuss being a tourist, headlining sold-out shows, Twitter pet peeves, and his Ezra-isms. Dive into our exclusive interview below:

AMBY: Hey George! Welcome to AMBY. You’re currently touring in support of your debut record Wanted on Voyage. How have the shows been treating you?

GEORGE EZRA: It’s genuinely amazing! I’ve known people have seen us for the first time, so we have no idea what to anticipate. It’s a long way from home and the only time we’re here is for work so the audiences have been amazing.

AMBY: I’m glad to hear it. What’s your favourite city that you’ve played so far or been to?

GEORGE EZRA: I’ve learned to love the West Coast. The first time I went over to LA, however many months ago, it was a big mouthful when you’re first there. Although we didn’t gig in LA, our time around there was great, unfortunately I had to pull shows there which I was gutted about. New York was amazing and in Sacramento they were mad.

AMBY: When you’re on tour, what are some things you do on your downtime or when you’re not actually performing?

GEORGE EZRA: It’s good to be a tourist, to just go out and do the obvious things. Also, just to relax! Even if it’s not a hectic day, it’s good just to put your feet up as it were. Luckily everyone gets on well on our tour and we’re all just like a strange family, so it’s nice just to relax a little.

AMBY: I know that you’ve previously said how lucky you were to have supported people like Rae Morris and Tom Odell. Now the tables have kind of turned as you’re selling out and headlining shows, while having emerging artists as your support, like The Ruen Brothers. That must feel pretty great seeing the opposite side of things happening.

GEORGE EZRA: Yea, in the UK I try my best to try and get friends along to support and people that I really love. The best thing you can do with support acts, whether you’re the support or the headliner, is to not necessarily musically match but t match with your character and personality.

AMBY: Which other bands would you like to bring on tour with you in the future?

GEORGE EZRA: The Rolling Stones! That would be good [laughs]. I can’t imagine that happening anytime soon.

AMBY: You never know [laughs]. You made your American festival debut at Coachella recently. So how was that experience for you as far as your debut of playing that festival?

GEORGE EZRA: It was amazing. It was unfortunate for us, I’ll be honest, because it was our first festival gig of the year, there were things that were ironing out on our side, but I loved the performance and you can’t ask for more. I genuinely was taken aback with how many people were there! The tent we played was bigger than I had conceived and it was great. I loved it.

AMBY: Were you able to catch any other artists while on-site at the festival?

GEORGE EZRA: I saw a little bit of AC/DC.

AMBY: There’s something in your Twitter description that I’m curious of. Where you’re supposed to write your little bio, yours says, “The one and only Mr Legs”. Where did this whole “Mr Legs” thing come from?

GEORGE EZRA: It was honestly just me and my mates mucking about. Mr Legs, I guess we’re always on the move. Everyone also calls me Young Geoff on tour. I also go by that.

AMBY: Where did that originate from?

GEORGE EZRA: When I first started out, years and years ago. I’d be at any age between 17 and 25, I’d come from any city and be in the UK and often facts were very wrong. When those interviews started to be released, news people started to call that person. It just got funnier and funnier, so now I’m known as Young Geoff!

AMBY: You’re also pretty active on social media and definitely share your awesome sense of humor with the fans. One of the Tweets you wrote which I loved was, “Swear @george_ezra is actually so annoying on Twitter, I’m going to unfollow. #StickToTheMusicMate”. What’s one of your biggest social media or internet pet peeves?

GEORGE EZRA: I actually recently deleted Twitter from my phone sixteen months of touring ended recently so I’ve got a month off. Just to give myself some space. I guess my pet peeve would be just how addictive it is. I think Twitter especially is a good place to meet people myself. You can directly communicate with people, so I love it as a tool.

AMBY: And a few years back, you made up your own word “petan” which means nonsense. Are there any other Ezra-isms or words you made up that fans should look out for?

GEORGE EZRA: I don’t think so. The thing with petan is that I haven’t got a clue what it means. It’s cute now, people use it and it’s kind of like a tag word.

AMBY: Lastly, we wanted to ask our signature question. What’s something about George Ezra that most of your fans don’t know yet?

GEORGE EZRA: [laughs] You see, with these kinds of questions I’m always cautious. They probably know what they need to know, anything else is probably best I keep to myself.

AMBY: [laughs] No problem. That wraps everything up, thank you so much for your time today! It was a pleasure talking to you.

GEORGE EZRA: Not at all. Have a lovely day!


Thank you George Ezra, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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