On why you can’t just miss Ed Sheeran live

Ed Sheeran
We get it: everyone has their own unique taste and that’s the fun in it because… Can you imagine living in a world where all of us would think, feel, believe, like, love and hate the same stuff? No!

However, we all need to acknowledge that sometimes there are things you just have to do. Whether it is skydiving, walking through the Great Wall of China, traveling across the globe or, from a more “spiritual” point of view, admiring Turner’s paintings, reading Shakespeare’s novels or attending one Tchaikovsky’ ballet, our to-do lists only keep expanding as times goes by. That is why you need to start taking things off it so that you can add more, right? In this sense, we will be more than glad to help you.

But first things first: as Canadians, we can’t help mentioning some of our best local artists: Neil Young, Leonard Cohen or Céline Dion undoubtedly belong to the kind of musicians to be seen playing life. In a word, pure magic and joy.

You may by now be wondering: how does Ed Sheeran fit in all of this? We can’t deny that we are being a little bit too biased here, but we have our reasons. For example, his special voice allows him to sing every song, no matter from which artist, like it was his own and, although it is arguable that original versions are always the best, you will most surely end up appreciating his. In addition, you can’t deny that he is devoted to mastering new instruments and, apart from the guitar and the piano he even learned how to play the violin for his famous record “I See Fire”. Did we mention that it took him one day?

There is no wonder why he keeps selling out shows wherever he goes, so, as we are sure that you have already fallen for his charms, you need to be fast and buy your tickets to experience his music first-hand before it is too late. This is indeed one of those to-do things we mentioned before. Where, you may ask now? To us, Ticketbis is the best alternative out there, as you can sell and buy tickets for hundreds of events in one single, 100% secure site. Thus, although Ed is not coming to Canada yet, he has some concerts left in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, so… Why not? After all, is there anything better than escaping to a new country while attending one of your favorite artists’ concerts? We don’t think so.

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