Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview w/ Apollo Junction

Apollo Junction
Ahead of the release of their latest EP Blood On Hands, we caught up with Apollo Junction to discuss getting lost in Paris, their love of Rocky, and why Leeds is the place to be.

AMBY: Apollo Junction are…

Apollo Junction: Your new favourite band and we couldn’t happier for you!

AMBY: What’s the story behind the name?

Apollo Junction: We always liked Apollo, due to it been the God of music and if we are honest we like the Rocky films (get up you bum!). We met a lot in pubs early days discussing ideas and all that jazz, one time it was in a pub called The Junction. Think it was our guitarist who said ‘how about The Apollo Junction’ we lost the The and yeah the name stuck.

AMBY: For anyone who’s not yet heard you how would you describe your sound?

Apollo Junction: You’ll need to listen and tell us! We have been racking our brains for the last 2 and half years to describe it. It’s poppy, rocky, indie with a 60’s song writing influence, bit of synth in there and lots of layers vocals.

AMBY: Who or what influences you the most when it comes to making music?

Apollo Junction: We try not to wear our influences too much on our sleeves because we don’t want to put anyone off, but we are all influenced by great song writers Lennon & McCartney, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Simon, Gallagher, Cocker, Albarn and Grohl. However, a lot of modern music is focused on amazing sounds and music sections so artists such as Mark Ronson, Disclosure and Daft Punk are leading the way there. We are always looking for something to steal and call our own! Also, we all influence each other, we are each other’s muse, and we push each other to be the best we can all be.

AMBY: Who have you been listening to lately?

Apollo Junction: Certain members are always listening to what’s in the charts such as Brandon Flowers and Florence and the Machine new albums. Then there is our drummer, who is having the musical equivalent of a break down and is listening to deep south Country and Western music. Apollo Junction are here for Jonny and will support him through this #prayforjonny. Locally there is cracking band from Manchester called Slow Readers Club, some great Leeds bands The Barmines, Heather Coulton, Neon Dolls and Vendettas who are all supported by the amazing BBC Introducing Team (Alan Raw) and gig promoters such as Mick and Chantel from Double Denim. Leeds is the place to be right now.

AMBY: Blood on Hands is your next release what’s your favourite track in the EP and why?

Apollo Junction: Oooooohhhhh hard to say, they are all great! They all have special meaning as well, Blood on Hands took two years to write so when we hear it it does feels special because it took so long to get there! Conversely Woke Up took hours to write!  The other two (In Your Arms and I Could Dance with You) I would say are brilliant pop songs with some deep meanings to us. We are really proud of all the EP I think you all need to get it, listen to it, pick your favourite and let us know via Face book or Twitter!

AMBY: You’ve got a few festival dates lined up over the summer which are you looking forward to playing the most?

Apollo Junction: Again that’s a tough one; we are supporting some amazing acts at Apollo Festival such as Space & The Inspiral Carpets who are two of the greatest bands of the late 80’s/ 90’s. Oakwell we are playing the main stage with Dodgy who wrote two of our fav songs ever! Then we have Yorfest and we are playing with two mighty Yorkshire acts in The Pigeon Detectives and The Sunshine Underground and that will hopefully be packed and loads of fun. I know we all have personal favourites but as a collective we really can’t choose!

AMBY: What the best thing about playing festivals?

Apollo Junction: Some of the acts playing are legends from our youth we’ll all be a little star stuck. But if the weather holds out, playing to all those people on a nice sunny day in the open air will be amazing! Just going to have to stock up on hay fever tablets!

AMBY: And the worst?

Apollo Junction: Lifting amps, at any point if we have to lift an amp it’s painful. Musicians as a rule don’t have muscles.

AMBY: Tell us something about Apollo Junction no one else knows

Apollo Junction: Our singer owns and wears a Rocky ‘Onesie’ and not ironically. Our bassist has the nick name Shergar, he loves it, everyone should call him it. All the time. Forever! Our guitarist following a gig in Paris lost his passport and couldn’t get back for 2 days it cost him £600 to get home. Our keyboard player will just now and again vanish for a few days on holiday and tell no one. Our drummer has the shortest fuse in the world, lovely guy but we call him ‘One Chance’ upset him once and you’re dead to him forever!


Thank you Apollo Junction, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Fi Carroll | @dirtyroknroller

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