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Say Say

Hello, Adam and Jesse from Say Say here. We’ve discussed the journey of Say Say many times, and though the musical composition under this name only started a little less than two years ago, the real beginning started much earlier. Coming from a rather small town in Northern Indiana, where the waves of Motown and Chicago Blues had receded, half of the Say Say journey was beginning.  I (Adam) grew up with an incredible record collection accumulated by my parents, which included The Moody Blues, CSN, The Beatles, Motown, Blues, and so much more. During that time I was also exposed to punk rock and new wave. This explosion of music in my life is where I see the journey starting for me and I say that because when you listen to a Say Say song, you can hear the Motown or McCartney influenced bass lines in some of it, mixed with harmonized choruses and chiming guitars. When I (Jesse) got my first turntables in 2000 I immediately began beat matching and figuring out the keys to songs and mixing them together. I’ve always loved electronic music and it’s intrigued me to the point where I couldn’t just stop with turntables. When I moved to L.A. and met Adam and I heard what he was writing, I took my knowledge of the keys and expanded upon it in order to become a part of what is now Say Say.

Many would see the journey starting at this moment, but every moment leading up to then was just as much a part of it all. We’ve been able to cherish everything that has happened with us, and the music over the past few years. There’s no great finish line that we’ve set out to get across, each goal has it’s own conclusion and we’ve had an incredible time being able to enjoy it all and breathe it in. We’ve laughed, danced, and sang with every moment and some day just like anything else the final chord will be played and we’ll get to look back upon our own musical adventure together and smile. But for now we’re in the Prelude Of A Dream…


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