Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Vukovi

After taking in T in the Park and all of its festivities, we spoke with Scottish pop-rock foursome Vukovi (Janine Shilstone, Hamish Reilly, Jason Trotter, and Colin Irving) to discuss playing T in the Park, their debut album, and guilty pleasure songs.

AMBY: So that was your second time since 2012 playing at T in the Park, how was it?

Vukovi: Weirdly felt a lot more nervous second time round, I think because in 2012 I had the attitude that there was no expectations and no one knew who we were. We’ve had a lot more coverage and build up playing the BBC intro stage hence why I think I felt the pressure. Don’t get me wrong as soon as I walk on stage I forget about everything and just think “fuck it, I’m here now and got one chance at doing my best”.

AMBY: Where does the name come from?

Vukovi: Before I joined (Janine) the boys were in a band called wolves. We decided to change our name to something that had a bit of relevance to our story i.e Vukovi (means wolves in Serbian).

AMBY: How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar?

Vukovi: Riffy pop :)

AMBY: Were there any favourite acts you managed to catch whilst at T?

Vukovi: Unfortunately due to doing press all day (a new experience for us) we didn’t manage to catch any acts :( Would’ve loved to have caught Enter Shikari, Vaults, Hector Bizerk, and Jungle. Saw a bit of The Libertines which in my eyes should’ve been the headliner for the Saturday only because I’m biased and like seeing guitar bands top the bill.

AMBY: What are your thoughts on the new location?

Vukovi: Great, a lot more compact and for the first year at the new location I think it went extremely well.

AMBY: Where do you gather inspiration for your music?

Vukovi: In a lyrical sense I prefer writing about personal experiences which I think that people would relate to also. We all have different musical influences I.e foals, RATM, Incubus, DFA 1979, Sia, Florence Welch. I think within our music they complement each other rather than over complicate things.

AMBY: What’s next?

Vukovi: DEBUT ALBUM!!!!! 2016 maybe one more single……

AMBY: Finally, what’s your guilty pleasure song?

Vukovi: Anything Limp Bizkit ….


Thank you Vukovi, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Gavin Craigie | @GavinCraigie

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