Gimme Your Answers 4: A Video Interview w/ BROODS

AMBY had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Georgia Nott, one half of electro-pop duo BROODS, moments before hopping on stage at WayHome Festival. Ahead of our interview, Georgia shared with us how she still gets nervous when performing or answering the simple “how are you”s in interviews. However, when seeing her in action (whether during an interview or on-stage) you’d think that this twenty-one year-old has been doing this her whole life and is a seasoned pro.

Playing festivals around the globe, these two fresh faces are currently touring in support of their debut record Evergreen. Enjoy our exclusive interview and get acquainted with BROODS as we discuss festival vibes, intimate shows, writing new material, and not being afraid of what others think.

Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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