Concert Review + Photos: Ducktails @ The Garrison – Toronto

Wednesday night at the Garrison, I sat and watched Matt Mondanile (Ducktails patriarch) closely. “Here’s a guy who has it made in the independent music scene” I thought to myself.

As frontman for Ducktails, he has carried over his unique guitar chops from his full-time gig with Real Estate – their chief guitar player of quietly daydreamy tones, whose melodic playing washes over you before it washes away entirely.

Evidently, Mondanile, along with his Real Estate bandmates, have the critical merits and modest commercial success to propel them further into a long and fruitful career. Take 2014’s Atlas as precedent.

So much so, Mondanile has been afforded the opportunity to spread his wings with such off-shoots as Ducktails. And a creative off-shoot is just what it is.

I found my head gracefully swaying along to the cozy melodies of his new album, St. Catherine. Nothing more, nothing less. Familiarity is the conceit of Ducktails game, content with churning out songs that, although warm and accomplished, are undistinguishable from the next.

The four-piece performed as a tight-knit unit with the crowd pleasantly calling out to them from beyond the shadows. “What kind of haircut is that?” one patron bellowed to the Ducktails bassist, referencing his closely cropped mullet-esque locks, forming into a curly puff atop his head. I smirked when the lady next to me coyly uttered, “It’s called a sullet.”

A leader through-in-through, it takes a man of creative breadth like Mondanile to pull-off what he does. Just remember, you can take the man out of the band, but you can’t take the sound.

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Review and Photos by Myles Herod |

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