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The Young Wild
Hello all you literate folk out there!

We are The Young Wild, a Southern California based indie rock/pop group putting out vibes that we hope bring a smile to your face and shuffle to your feet. We are comprised of four individuals, Bryan, our singer-songwriter-guitarist-videographer-captain-and-a-lot-of-other-things-guy, Brandon, the drummer and producer extraordinaire who makes our recordings sparkle, Vanessa, our tambourine shaking, high note hitting female vocalist, and Gareth, the bass player who is essentially responsible for lifting heavy things on and off stage and making we sure we don’t get mugged on the road.

We came together in mid 2014 out of the ashes of various projects and through friendships we had established years back at university, where we all met, to record and put out our first EP, ‘For Now Not Forever’. After touring on the EP for later half of 2014 with Barcelona and Switchfoot (two of the nicest bands on earth) we took some time to sit down and put the proverbial pen to paper and record some new music. Drawing from influences that range from Kanye West and Michael Jackson to Father John Misty and Simon & Garfunkel, and in tandem with Bryan’s undying love for 80s synths, we hopped back into the studio. With Bryan quarterbacking the project, making sure his tunes were played appropriately right down to the last detail, and Brandon throwing in his two cents here and there to make sure the execution and tones were spot on, our new batch of songs was born. ‘Not A One’ has turned into the flagship song for these latest recordings, with it’s nice mix of storytelling, soul, and groove that allows you to not only be intrigued by the music and melody, but also by the weight of the words.

That being said, we are constantly looking towards the future, writing new music and awaiting the thrill of being on stage. For anyone who has been dedicated enough to keep reading this far down we raise our glasses to you, unless you’re not 21, then we advise you find a low lit corner and take a quick pull from whatever makeshift flask you’ve concocted. Regardless, we hope you like what we’ve put out, and if we are ever lucky enough to play your town, city, country or continent come over for a high five and a hello. We promise you won’t be let down, as we aim to play every show like it is our last, leaving everything on stage before we load out and drive into the ever rising sun at our next stop.

Last but not least, thank you so much to A Music Blog, Yea? for giving artist like us a platform and a voice. Cheers!


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