Exclusive Video Premiere + Interview: PALMAS – “You Were My Girl”

Based out of Philly and New York City, PALMAS are spending their summer sharing a series of singles which are shimmering in nostalgia. On their latest offering You Were My Girl, the band put a mellow spin on surf-rock as the song is drenched with sun-kissed, breezy backing vocals and infectious fifties nuances. Today we’re delighted to premiere the brand-new video for the single. Follow updates from PALMAS, indulge in our interview, and exclusively enjoy You Were My Girl on AMBY below.


AMBY: Hey PALMAS, welcome to AMBY! How are you all doing and where does our interview find you today?

PALMAS: Hey AMBY, we’re doing wonderful, thank you for asking. Adam is currently in LA, Kurt, Eric, and Pat are in Philly, and I (Matthew) am currently sitting at a coffee shop in New York City called 7 Grams. We’re kind of scattered around the country at this moment in time.  Regardless, we have never been so busy as a band.

AMBY: You recently signed to Lost Colony Music, congrats. How did you all celebrate the great news?

PALMAS: We’re very excited to be the newest part of the Lost Colony Family!  It’s an amazing chance for us to develop as artists and take some giant leaps forward.  We received the official offer from LCM at a show we played in Brooklyn.   They love the music and understand our vision.  We are learning a lot and enjoying the ride.  Let’s just say we celebrated with quite a few shots of tequila.

AMBY: We’re so pumped to be premiering the new video for You Were My Girl. Tell us a bit about the single.

PALMAS: Thank you!  We are beyond excited to be releasing this single.  “You Were My Girl” is one of the very first songs we wrote together as a full band.  I believe it was the first song where we really started experimenting with a more retro feel.  This song, in particular, came so naturally to us. The song’s inherently nostalgic qualities combined with our love for music from the 50s and 60s set the tone for the music we have written since.

“You Were My Girl” has an eerily nostalgic, yet relatable quality that looms over the entire track.  When you break it down, the song is the naked truth about first love, losing that love, regret, and the unavoidable recurring circle of those three feelings.  Although the lyrics are sad, they are more of a declaration of moving forward and understanding that part of love is loss.

AMBY: With the release of Stay Away and You Were My Girl, you also have a new EP coming out this fall. How’s the recording for that coming along? Are there any working titles floating around for the EP?

PALMAS: We do have an EP scheduled for the fall.  We have been busy recording and putting the final touches on the songs.  This EP is such a step forward for all of us as musicians and artists.  We do have a name set for this collection of songs.  It is set to be titled, “To The Valley”.  You are the first people other than us to know the name!  You should feel super special now, right?!!  The title is inspired by certain lyrics on the record as well as our fascination and love for the American desire to move west.  I don’t want to tell you too much about it yet but just imagine Quentin Tarantino meets The Beach Boys.

AMBY: We can’t get enough of the fifties nuances shown in your music. Which artists from that era are your personal favorite?

PALMAS: We are stoked that you dig the direction of the music!  The few songs that we have released thus far are definitely the more obvious 50s inspired tracks.  I will say that our music to come has a more subtle 60s feeling.  We really just write what comes naturally to us.  A lot of times that is inspired by what we have been listening to at that moment.  For instance, we love artists like The Marketts, Nancy Sinatra, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Luis Bacalov,  Connie Francis, The Wrecking Crew, and Bobby Vinton.  It’s wonderful to become fully engulfed and inspired by these incredible musicians.  Their music is timeless and genuine.  We are challenging ourselves to write timeless and genuine music as well.

AMBY: In the two singles, you share some irresistible summer vibes with listeners! What are your favourite activities to do during the summer?

PALMAS: Everyone loves to go to the beach, right?  We think everyone should take at least one solid road trip every summer.  Roll down your windows, blast your favorite tunes, and sing as loud as you possibly can (or drum on the steering wheel, air guitar, whatever is your thing).

AMBY: What’s something you all bond over other than music?

PALMAS: We’re all big sports fans. We hang out over beers watching whatever hockey or football game is on.  Being Matthew is from NYC and the rest of us are from Philly, it has definitely caused some heated rivalry.

Some of us really enjoy outdoors activities (hiking, beach,etc.).  Kurt and Adam love a great nerdy specialty coffee shop.  We all love to skateboard, you’ll often find any of us skating around our practice spot during breaks.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s the best part of being in PALMAS?

PALMAS: I believe the best part of being in PALMAS is the fact that we’re all genuinely good friends.  Even before we started playing you could have found any of us hanging out on a weekend, going to the beach together, a party, whatever.  This was the first project I ever started simply for the pleasure of playing music with my good friends.   It just so happens to be that people like our music and that is great.  I hope this is something we get to do for a long time.

We’ve also had the opportunity to work with so many amazing artists and it’s been incredible to see how they interpret our music.  Alaina Latona, who shot the video for “You Were My Girl” was also featured in our video for “Stay Away”, we’re glad to have her on our team.  Amy DiLorenzo is an incredible graphic designer who designed the A/B side cover art.  Big thank you’s all around to everyone helping to propel the band forward.


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