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Nothing But Thieves
Today sitting down with me is 3 (4 after James appeared midway and sat on the toilet with a beer) of the 5-piece Nothing But Thieves during their recent tour supporting Young Guns. An incredible year for the Essex band has landed them with multiple festival slots and regular air time on BBC Radio and a host of international stations. Here’s what happened in the chat with them at the Glasgow Garage.

AMBY: Hey everyone. Welcome to AMBY! Would someone want to just sum up the band?

Dom: Five piece band from Essex and we play rock music, simple.

AMBY: And how long have you’s been a band?

Joe: 4 and half years now, we spent like 2 years not gigging and just writing songs in the garage. Like just writing and writing until we were ready to release them. I mean this year has been incredible.

AMBY: Yea, this year has been pretty incredible for you hasn’t it? Even the private gigs such as the Monaco Grand Prix and the Versace performance with THE Donatella Versace.

Phil: She’s crazy, like she’s a massive fan of Megadeath. Can you believe that?!

AMBY: Really?

Joe: Yeah she’s a fan of our band.

Dom: Like she was a foot away from us.

Joe: Just dancing and singing away to all the songs!

Dom: And now Phil and I can tell the time because she gave us little fakies.

Phil: We had no clue before…

Dom: Apparently you can get it on your iPhone, it’s an app… costs like thirty quid though.

AMBY: Sounds pretty incredible, did not expect that! How did you manage to land the Monaco show, did you actually get to catch the Grand Prix?

Joe: We went to the practice lap.

Dom: Honestly had no time and we were really only there for less than 24 hours.

Joe: It was something else.

AMBY: The photo of the rooftop “venue” (comment from Facebook) was pretty cool.

Joe: Yea it was incredible, we were playing the show with like this whole Monaco skyline in the backdrop and I was like to Phil “LOOK what we are doing!”

Dom: You’ve got a swimming pool in front of you, this bar like a free bar all night it was mad. We were just like we don’t belong here.

Phil: But obviously you put sunglasses on and you can pretend to.

AMBY: Yea exactly, put sunglasses on and you can be anyone. So you’ve just recently just announced the Boston Arms in London headline gig, is that sort of like your big gig to round off the summer other than festivals?

Joe: We haven’t done a London show in such a long time and it’s in the middle of festival season so we didn’t want to put a whole tour on and stuff. So we just thought we’d keep the headline show going.

AMBY: Yea, that sounds good keeping the headlining going, what was it like headlining your hometown just before Christmas?

Dom: We did Essex and we pretty much sold it out (Joe: yeah we sold it out). Before we had even turned up people were queuing up outside already. Like even more so now with our music, it’s got outside of Essex and it’s reaching places. When we played it was so much more than just friends and family it was so many people who were there to see us.

AMBY: That really does sound fantastic and what an experience in the hometown. So moving on from headlines etc you’ve got a whole range of festivals lined up; Barn on The Farm, 2000 Trees, Truck Festival, and this SummerSonic in Japan…. That’s like Pharrell is headlining that too no?

Dom: Yea, Summersonic is crazy and we have also just been announced to play Isle of Wight this weekend, it’s pretty cool.

AMBY: Really? That’s awesome is that not Fleetwood Mac and stuff?

Dom: Fleetwood headline Sunday and we play Saturday, Blur is our headline I think. Like Saturday night MainStage and we are playing.

Phil: That’s probably one of the better lineups that we are on, just some crazy massive bands all around us.

AMBY: What’s the feeling like seeing your band name up there amongst artists like that? Must be some feeling no?

Dom: It’s actually pretty sad and self indulgent but we literally just checked the lineup earlier and to see your name main stage 2015 is pretty incredible. That’s a whole other feeling.

Joe: For me it’s actually Reading and Leeds festival, cause I used to always check back and look at the previous year’s posters and they are iconic and now we are going to be on there forever now!

Dom: Yea, you can’t take that away now…

Phil: It’s crazy when you go back and look like at the BBC Introducing and see bands grow stage by stage.

AMBY: I agree it’s great to see that progression in bands. Moving on from festivals how’s the tour with Young Guns been?

Dom: Fantastic, Young Guns are literally the nicest humans we have ever met. They are the people you wish to go on tour with, they are friendly, they look after you, they give you beer and advice.

Phil: Every member of that crew is incredible. They literally are the whole package.

Joe: And they kill it every night. Solid Solid Solid.

AMBY: I guess it just adds to this incredible year your having, you’s also went to America am I right?

Joe: Not even year it’s especially from January until now…. this is our third UK tour, done two European and we’ve done America.

Dom: We were in LA and New York and played a few shows, met a few people and tried to talk to labels out there, that sort of thing.

Phil: I think the proper tour is coming isn’t it?

Dom: We are going to try head back over maybe later this year/early next year and try give it a crack.

Joe: We actually played this place called Rock and Roll Pizza, Foo Fighters played a secret show there like maybe 2 years ago?

Phil: It’s really nothing to look at, just a simple pizza place but when you go in the walls are covered in pictures of this incredible gig.

AMBY: That really does sound pretty cool, I’ll need to check it and I’m sure there will be some readers who know of it or have been! So to finish off a wee question: If it wasn’t for music what would you be doing? Music as in the band.

Dom: I’d be in production, still something in music as I always have been in the area of music, if that failed I’d probably be like my own boss.

Phil: I have no idea mate.

Joe: For me it would probably be writing/working with other artists. I done it with Ryan (Tour Manager) the other day and that’s actually what I would do, I love it.

Dom: Me too actually!

Phil: Site management. Construction site management not websites. Hard hats.

Dom: [laughs] It’s not really his passion more something that he fell into.

Phil: Like a previous job I had.

James: I’d be chilling.

Dom: That’s genuinely what he did before the band and it wouldn’t surprise us.

Phil: And Connor? Washing dishes

Dom: Cruise ship singing!

AMBY and Nothing But Thieves: [laughs]

Joe: He so would!

Dom: Micky Bubbles. Working in Butlins haha. Pontins, you name it he’ll be there. It’s really tough to be a professional singer you need to be really good at it and he really knows what he’s doing.

AMBY: I think his voice is so difference and it adds that bit to what is already an incredible band with the music you play. There is that contrast between the basslines of the band and his voice, in my opinion the mixture is what gives you that unique sound which we all love.

Phil: It’s his own instrument, we all view it alongside things like Joe’s guitar sounds and stuff.

Dom: And exactly with what you say about contrast.

Joe: We spent a lot of conscious time writing songs with his voice as an instrument and trying to see what stuff we can use his voice for.

Dom: There is a lot of trial and error while making the music because it his his own instrument.

AMBY: You definitely have perfected it all. I really appreciate the time guys and wish you all the best this evening, rest of tour and festival season in the future. I shall see you out on stage!


Thank you Nothing But Thieves, for giving us your answers!

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