Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Honduras

It is all summer at the American East Coast. The sun is burning through at midday in the streets of New York and it is preferable to catch a bit of sun lotion and shadow while heading out into the city. I just met up with Pat Philips and Tyson Moore from the Brooklyn based band Honduras to have a chat in the fine weather. I have been looking forward to face this interesting band and discuss their support gig for Blur, some wild energy at live shows, changing hair styles, and what else they are up to. We end up chatting about the road to Honduras and some pretty bloody stage wounds on the way as well.

It seems clear that I am meeting up with some artists that are aware on how to express themselves not only musically but also in own visual presentation. After I have shaken hands with the guys, I get the urge to let them know that their hair is looking rad, noticing that it has changed a bit in style over the years. Pat has apparently let go of his long hair with time and has a sharp cut to it with a twist of dark green color. Tyson have settled down with just getting his fine curls trimmed a bit. Telling me that a bunch of hairdressers helped out before working on more music videos. The boys are easy to keep a conversation with. We then decide to sit down by a bench with the lazy park life around us.

AMBY: Alright, let’s start the interview. So how are you guys today?

PAT: Good. We feel fresh.

TYSON: We kind of had a long weekend. Crazy. Since we both have work besides music we are dealing with that. The other band members didn’t make the interview since they have like 16 hours shifts now.

PAT: We also played two shows before the weekend and it is all fun.. but tiring.

AMBY: Ah I see. So definitely enjoying the sun today?

PAT: Yea, and working on our tan.

AMBY and Honduras: [laughs]

AMBY: Nice. So how would you like to introduce the band for us all?

PAT: Well, we are Pat and Tyson from the band Honduras. We are the two original members and make the songwriting in the band. We also grew up together in Missouri before starting the band. Which we started like 4-5 years ago in Brooklyn.

AMBY: And then you call yourselves Honduras, what is the story behind that?

PAT: Mhmm. Just around the time we were starting the band I would walk a lot on Williamsburg Bridge on the pedestrian path. There where this graffiti all over the bridge and I would see it every day while walking into the city. Some places it said Honduras, Honduras, Honduras. It would always catch my attention and It was like I was drawn by it. I had the word looked up and thought yeah, it kind of set the name we where looking for. We all kind of liked it and it stuck with us. It definitely created some interesting experiences for us as well. We would have people actually from Honduras and now living in our neighbourhood coming to our shows and with great interest to the name. We just wanted a name of a different place and had an abstract idea. Now people from Honduras will ask us about touring down there in Honduas and all, but initially the name was just inspired by some graffiti on a bridge.

AMBY: That is a nice story.

TYSON: It is definitely memorable.

AMBY: It is. So is that graffiti still there?

PAT: Yea.


TYSON: You can still see it if you are walking from Manhattan and going towards Brooklyn on Williamsburg Bridge you will see it like.. on the ground. So if you are looking down you will see it on the road.

AMBY: On the road to Honduras.

AMBY and Honduras: [laughs]

AMBY: That is sweet to know and I have heard rumours that there are some pretty energetic concerts when you play live? I have seen concert photos where you throw yourself to the floor and jump around.

TYSON: Yea. Sometimes I will be bleeding after.

AMBY: Getting some battle wounds..

TYSON: We like to bring the energy. It can be tough to engage the New York crowd sometimes and I think that is where the energy is from – Making people feel like that through our own sheer energy we can transfer some of it to them or something like that.

PAT: As an artist and performer it is just nice to get all that energy out, really express myself.

TYSON: We only play like 20 minutes sets sometimes, so we have to get it all out there.

PAT: It is a necessary release to get it out. It definitely makes me more sane and something I really enjoy too. It feels nice.

AMBY: It is a joy to watch the energy unfold on stage and among the audiences at a live show. Well, as long as you don’t hurt yourself too much on stage..

PAT: It is okay. It can go hurt sometime and it is worth it.

AMBY: Do you plan to have these moments in your show or is it more a go with the flow?

PAT: It is spontaneous. We change our set in the middle of a gig sometimes, even though we are not supposed to. It is in the moment spontaneous.

AMBY: So what kind of stage wounds have you got yourself into through time?

PAT: Just a couple of head and face injuries.

TYSON: Like one time the neck of Paulie’s guitar hit Pat in the neck and it was all bleeding.

AMBY: Oh no…

PAT: I was wearing a red shirt too so it was all very red.

AMBY and Honduras: [laughs]

AMBY: That does seem to be very unexpected entertainment and giving it all for the show. What have been some more top moments lately?

TYSON: All of May was pretty awesome. Two shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg, and opening for Blur, opening for Twin Peaks and having been by Bowery Ballroom which is one of my favorites venues to play. Opening for Metz and Fidlar, that was a great way to end the month.

PAT: That was like the best show.

AMBY: The Blur support.. I have been wondering if you could tell us more about that experience. How was it?

PAT: It was great. It was just, the whole thing was just like a rush.

TYSON: We only found out 4-5 days before that we were going to do it and we couldn’t even tell anyone before two days before when they sold the tickets. So we showed up that day barely into soundcheck, maybe like 10 minutes and then we had to play like within the next 30 minutes.

PAT: Before we had even began soundcheck the doors where opened and they started to let all these people in. So it was like you have 20 minutes and we were like oh shit!

TYSON: We didn’t have time for a drink..

PAT: Like we need a drink! Then we walked to our green room and there were no beers. I went to one of the staff members and I was like – Hey guys, we are going to play before 850 people, like can I get a beer please? It was just chaotic to run around.. but once we got on stage it was a great show and lots of people. It was a thrill.. And we met Damon after the show and he actually told us that he likes our energy and listened to our record before playing the show. That was a surreal and sweet moment!

TYSON: It was amazing.

AMBY: Kind of all at once.

PAT: Yea, Blur were amazing live. I haven’t seen them live before that. I understand why they have millions of fans.

AMBY: And they started on a new chapter now with their music.

PAT: And it is good. They still bring the energy and play well. It is exciting and inspiring. I hope I still will make music.. like in 20 years, you know..

AMBY: Well, I hope you guys will as well..Speaking about your songwriting and thinking a bit about your current work. What music have you been working on lately?

TYSON: So we have this album that is finished, but right now it is planned to get out in early next year. February or something. It kind of is a really long time to wait for it. Some of the songs have been done and recorded since like early this year. Labels, you know, sometimes take their time. But we are writing new material now and think it is like better than ever. It is great. So we just keep writing.

PAT: We have practiced a lot in working on new material. In the last couple of weeks in particular.. And that’s how the whole process like. Record take a while to get out. When it is done we might as well start making the next one. Yea, we are definitely working on our second record, even though our first one is not out until next year.

AMBY and Honduras: [laughs]

AMBY: So as it is a long time to wait for the actually recorded material to get out, then have you had some minor regrets or new ideas for the first album since you finished recording it?

PAT: Nahh..

TYSON: It is very cocky said of us, but we felt like it was done and we just moved on. We still play a lot of those songs live, but now that we write new songs we kind of want to play them live too.

PAT: The new stuff will be coming from a different kind of band. I feel like the first record will be a good representation of what kind of band we were at that moment and we are happy that the record is like who you are in that moment.

AMBY: That seems good. So a new style is coming up with the next music?

PAT: A bit of it. It is more elaborated.

TYSON: Yea, more layers. The songs move around a little more. I think that the songwriting as a band has come together so well now that we have been playing a lot of songs together. Our bass player Paulie have only been with us for a year. Now that we all have been writing together chemistry is happening. Before it was kind of me and Pat that would figure out the songs and bring them in to the others. Now we kind of do it as a group and that is benefiting the music.

PAT: .. and also like 3-4 years ago when we started the band we were playing lots of basements and people’s apartments and stuff around Brooklyn. As the band have gotten on and on and played bigger rooms with Blur and stuff with lots of people that is definitely inspiring for the sound. We want to fill the rooms out and be a bigger sonic experience, you know. It is a big difference to play a venue like the Bowery Ballroom opposed to some kid’s basement.

TYSON: Technically better sound while you play and I can do more. Like you can hear the layer effects instead of the basement shows where what is the point really. Now I can play like delay and let people in the very back of a venue hear it. So that’s great.

AMBY: That sure is nice. Looking forward to hear more of that.

PAT: We are working on it.

AMBY: That is great! Then a last question where we can focus a bit more on you guys beside the music. So I was wondering a bit about if you guys have some other talents than music you could share with us?

PAT: Fun. I moved to New York like 9 years ago, because I got a basketball scholarship to play here. It travelled while playing basketball like in Denmark and so. I basically grew up with basketball and music. It is really all I can do in life. I guess that is my other talent.

TYSON: I make some drinks. Is that a talent? No? No, it’s a trade.

PAT: It’s a trade.

TYSON: Well, I don’t know. I don’t have any other talents I guess.

PAT: He’s got a lot of talents, man! He built like this..

TYSON: Yea, I do like building things.

PAT: He built like this bar in his apartment from wood he found. That’s a talent! I can’t do that shit.

TYSON: That’s also a trade. Well, I like to build things.

AMBY: That does seem impressive. Well those are good talents. Good to know you guys better now. Much thanks for the chat!


Thank you Honduras, for giving us your answers!

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Interview and Photos by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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