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Hidden Charms
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London rock and roll foursome Hidden Charms are currently working on their forthcoming debut EP. After sharing two nostalgia-laced debut singles — Dreaming Of Another Girl and Long Way Down — with fans, we can’t wait to see what else these fresh faces have up their sleeves. Comprised of Vincent Davies, Ranald Macdonald, Josh Lewis, and Oscar Robertson, Hidden Charms have an exciting fall ahead as they finish riding the festival circuit straight into their Club NME KOKO residency this September. Before the release of the EP and catching them live, enjoy our exclusive interview with Vinny as we discuss being young in the music industry, thoughts on North America, what makes a great producer, and ass tattoos.

AMBY: Hey Vinny, how’s it going?

Hidden Charms: I’m good, how are you?

AMBY: I’m great, thanks. I’m so glad that I was introduced to you guys. Thanks for having a chat with AMBY today.

Hidden Charms: Oh no problem. Thanks for talking to me.

AMBY: It’s my pleasure! To kick things off, you were all over on our side of the pond a couple of months back. How was that North American tour?

Hidden Charms: I love it there. I love the people, you know? I really felt a connection to them. Especially in New York, I don’t know why. We made some friends there. There’s always been a connection.

AMBY: This was your first ever North American tour. Did you notice any difference with the audiences over here to the British ones?

Hidden Charms: I think if they like you, they let you know about it more. I think that’s the way of the people. We’ve had positive reactions from Britain, too, but they just seem to let you know a little bit more in North America. That’s all I can really say. I think it’s the connection between British rock and roll and America.

AMBY: In other exciting news, we’re loving your debut single Dreaming of Another Girl. Tell us a bit about the new song and what it’s about.

Hidden Charms: It’s got an ever sort of California sound to it. It was a week before we’d went out to record with Shel Talmy and we came up with this idea and it all went together really easily. We recorded it straight away! It was one of those quick things that you don’t really think about too much and then obviously everyone really dug it, we wanted to put it out as a single, so we did.

AMBY: As you mentioned, the song was produced Shel who had worked on songs like You Really Got Me by The Kinks and The Who’s My Generation. How was it to work alongside him? What type of influence did he add to the song?

Hidden Charms: We respect him a lot. Surprisingly for someone of that legendary status, he wasn’t a dictator that much; he offered his opinions, but when we wanted to try something ourselves, he was open to it. A few times if we disagreed with something and it didn’t work out, he wasn’t going to make us do anything we didn’t want to do. I think that’s what makes a great producer. And he’s obviously one of the greats. He had that openness where we didn’t feel scared to try things or ask things. He was really quite friendly about it and we’re really good friends now.

AMBY: And now you’re back in London to work on your debut EP. How’s that coming along?

Hidden Charms: We’ve been gigging a lot lately. That’s the only way to come up with the songs; you can’t just sit there in a room waiting for a song to come, you’ve got to get out and play and see what a show is missing. Then you have to let the inspiration hit. It’s going well. I think we’ll probably go in to record more around the end of August or beginning of September. Then we’ll try to get something out a bit after that.

AMBY: We can’t wait to hear more. I read that you’re also all just barely out of your teens, which I can relate to as I just turned twenty. Do you find that being younger is an advantage or disadvantage in this industry?

Hidden Charms: I mean, when I first started a formation of this band, I was eighteen. I feel as if perhaps I wasn’t taken as seriously as a writer, but maybe also just as a human in this business because I was young. I think that maybe there is a bit of bias against really young people. You’ve probably felt that yourself. People don’t quite take you for real, you know? I think that’s probably the same in any industry, when you’re starting out young and trying to break into the big boy game.

AMBY and Hidden Charms: [laughs]

Hidden Charms: It’s going to be tough. I believe if you’re good at what you do, then no one is going to be able to stop you.

AMBY: Absolutely. I couldn’t have said that better.

Hidden Charms: And you obviously are, Alicia.

AMBY: Thanks very much! Well Vinny, to wrap everything up today, I wanted to ask you: what’s something about Hidden Charms that most of your fans don’t know about you all yet?

Hidden Charms: That’s a good question. Let me think about that. Ah, you’ve got me!

AMBY: I’ll give you a moment, don’t worry.

AMBY and Hidden Charms: [laughs]

Hidden Charms: I’ve got Oscar, our drummer, I’ve got his full name tattooed on my ass.

AMBY: [laughs] You’re joking with me.

Hidden Charms: That’s a fact. It takes up the whole cheek.


Thank you Hidden Charms, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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