You’ve GOT to Hear This: Lana Del Rey – “High By The Beach”

Lana Del Rey
Although summer is almost over, Lana Del Rey’s infectious, synth-led, trap-hop ballad is refusing to let it go quietly. Lana has whipped up a storm on her social media accounts lately for her upcoming album ‘Honeymoon’ (due for release on September 18th) with ‘High By The Beach’ being the second single to be released before her highly anticipated album release.

The prominent haunting, melancholic tones are surrounded by minimal electronic beats that create a perfect summer anthem, whilst lyrically it is both empowering as well as engaging. Evidently, Del Rey is trying to differentiate herself from the previous albums, Born to Die and Paradise, with her unique new sound that steers her further away from the arguably ‘formulaic and mass-produced’ pop sounds of the past with her new self-expressive and artistic flair. However, having said that ‘High By The Beach’ features the slow, ballad elements Lana has become synonymous with can be found in abundance.

Lana has always been subjected to critics from industry professionals, and has split opinions from fans with her experimental approach to her music. Nevertheless Lana has always wanted to develop herself and her music and undeniably with ‘High By The Beach’ she has delivered with an infectious summery tune bubbling with sultry tones.

Review by Harry Curtis | @Harry_Curtis_

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