Gimme Your Answers 3: An Interview w/ The Beaches

The Beaches
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While taking in T in the Park and all of its festivities, we spoke with The Beaches after catching their set. Enjoy our exclusive interview below.

AMBY: So that was your first ever set at T in the Park, how was it?

Leandra: It started out a little bumpy because of some technical difficulties, and I was sick with the flu, but we pulled through and it ended up being incredibly fun and a great experience.

AMBY: Any favourites from the day?

The Beaches: Our favourite performances we caught were Hozier and Model Aeroplanes. During Hozier’s set, the whole crowd was singing with him, getting so into it, it was a really cool moment. The guys in Model Aeroplanes were super energetic on stage – they put on a really enjoyable show. Cheers guys!

AMBY: The Beaches and Model Aeroplanes are close friends – what the history there?

Kylie: We love those guys! At last year’s Stag and Dagger festival in Glasgow they took us under their wings (airplane joke) and showed us all the cool pubs to go to and what bands to see. We’ve been pals ever since. Miss them already.

AMBY: Do you see a possible collaboration with them down the line?

Leandra: We are currently discussing possible cockpit access. (Airplane joke round 2)

AMBY: Any plans for a headline tour – if so where?

Leandra: We are focusing on writing our EP currently, and a tour will follow soon after. A headlining tour is the dream, but even if it’s a supporting tour, we just want to get out there and play our music.

AMBY: Guilty pleasure song?

The Beaches: Good Vibrations – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Anything by Shania Twain, Landslide – Dixie Chicks, I Want Crazy – Hunted Hayes

AMBY: Have you tried haggis yet? If not, why?

Leandra: Nope – this has not yet been accomplished. We’ll have to make another visit over to try it.

AMBY: Favourite country visited so far?

The Beaches: Italy, England, Scotland, and France.

AMBY: Best/favourite venues in Toronto for music?

Kylie: There are a few great venues. We love the Rivoli, it’s always fun. The Danforth Music Hall is amazing, they treated us like queens. And we got our start at a residency at The Supermarket, a great place to catch local bands.

AMBY: You guys have travelled quite a distance to be at T! What sort of activities do you have lined up for the rest of the trip?

Kylie: Eliza and our tour manager, James, went to Oban after T in the Park and Eliza got a sweet ass T tattoo in the back of a barber shop. Leandra was a soul searcher and stayed in Edinburgh alone and went sight seeing. Jordan and I went to Paris with our family and Jordan caught Le’s flu and quietly died. We all had an unforgettable trip!


Thank you The Beaches, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Gavin Craigie | @GavinCraigie

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