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Hey AMBY readers, we are Ollie and Luke from “Without” but you can add us in your phone as W\

We’re from Guernsey in the channel islands and we make electronic R&B music we like to call “Cheap Pop”. We started calling our sound “Cheap Pop” as a joke because we were mainly influence by extravagant R&B production from the 90’s that had big budgets and million dollar music videos and its odd that they inspired us in 2015 to produce our songs in Luke’s Gran’s dining room on a laptop.

We also grew up playing in hardcore bands and so we have a taste for things to sound a little raw and dirty, mistakes and doing things first take gives songs character and we like that.

We’re really into surfing and often get inspired for tracks in the middle of the sea and then have to rush home and put down a demo.

We are brothers-in-law, which is weird but also a lot of fun, family holidays can often turn into pre production for a new track, another interesting fact is that indie bass prodigy Mura Masa mixed the EP with us, he’s one of our best mates from home in guernsey and we have a fun collaborative crew called “isnldbys” that writes indie-dancehall music, you might get to hear some one day.

One final interesting thing about us is that we released our EP Cheap Touch through Dim Mak records in Miami on the 14th of August, VYZA was supposed to be the Lead Single but our song “Your Love” has had 100,000 plays in 10 days so it seems like that’s the track people are getting into, its interesting how you can’t plan everything isn’t it?

If you want to know what we’re up to and maybe get some sneaky insights to new music we are writing, follow us on social media and say hello

yours withoutfully,

Luke & Ollie



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