[Exclusive] Summer Sessions: The Katherines share gorgeous harmonies in “Royals” cover

The Katherines
Photo by Liz Rosa

AMBY is absolutely delighted to be hosting an exclusive five part series with The Katherines entitled Summer Sessions. Over the summertime, this Vancouver-based songstress trio (comprised of sisters Kate and Lauren Kurdyak, and Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher) recorded four covers and one original song in their own backyard — each flawless and showcasing their effortless harmonies. Today we’re premiering their spin on a modern-day pop classic, Royals by Lorde. Watch the video on AMBY and learn what the ladies have to say about the cover below, and check back with us next Monday for another amazing rendition!


Kate: In my opinion, this is one of the best hit songs that has come out in the last little while. I think it’s so cool that a song with intellectual lyrics about materialism and class culture became a mainstream pop hit. Lorde is one of my favourite new artists because she’s smart, thoughtful and unapologetically strange. The music that I love most lately has been music that is socially conscious, and I think Lorde does this in a very accessible way.

Lauren: I really dig the rawness of this song. I find the lyrics interesting and compelling. Lorde has such a unique persona  and she is a huge inspiration. She is so young and her music is so sophisticated. My favourite part about singing this song is the harmonies. All three of us were in children’s choirs from a young age and that is where we started singing together. It’s through choral music that we learned to harmonize and then when we formed a band, it was a natural extension that the vocal harmonies became a central part of our music.

Kaitlyn: I love doing this cover so much. Lorde is absolutely brilliant. It’s great to be able to sing and perform a song with as great lyrics as this one. This song gave us so much room to play with harmonies, which is fun and I love the way the band plays it.


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