Exclusive Video Premiere: Midnight Soundtrack – “The Midnight Shh”

Midnight Soundtrack

It’s an exciting month to be part of Midnight Soundtrack — the electronic-rock side project of award-winning vocalist and songwriter Marcio Novelli. Soon to release his new record, an album filled with heartfelt ballads to eclectic electro-rock jams, Foreplay is a storyline between two people as they go through all the typical ebbs and flows of a typical relationship, all within just 24 hours. Today, we’re delighted to premiere the fantastic lyric video for Novelli’s favourite track on the record,  The Midnight Shh. When asked about the song, Novelli shared with AMBY;

“‘The Midnight Shh’ is the first time that lust is physically expressed between two lovers with no strings attached.”

Foreplay is scheduled for release on September 25th and is available for pre-order here. Exclusively watch The Midnight Shh on AMBY, follow updates from Novelli, and also enjoy a Novelli solo release entitled Doctor, Please below.


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