You’ve GOT to Hear This: Everything Everything – “Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread”

With the third single from euphoric album ‘Get to Heaven’, Everything Everything have gone for a different approach. With previous singles ‘Distant Past’ and ‘Regret’ being perfectly focused yet purposely scattered electro-pop songs, ‘Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread’ provides more space and time for the melody to develop and tension to build.

While the song may be slower than others on the album, its chorus is no less addictive, with the rhythmic beats allowing the melodic harmonies to shine. The slower energy of the song also allows the lyrics to explode rather than be hidden behind effervescent melodies. While the song reflects on aging and the passing of time with strong opening lyrics “The hands loom heavy with only an hour to go”, this is juxtaposed with the incredibly uplifting nature of the song. This amalgamation of light and darkness is exactly what Everything Everything do best, and it is what separates them from other electro-pop bands to give them their eclectic sound.

Review by Priyal Agrawal | @priyalagrawal

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