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Lewis & Leigh

We are Lewis & Leigh, a half-Welsh, half-Mississippian duo singing our own brand of Celticana.

What initially began as a casual songwriting session in early 2014 through a mutual Nashville friend, has now become three EPs in eighteen months. Before Lewis & Leigh, we’d both been doing the solo artist thing for a while, but suddenly the prospect of joining forces appealed to us.

Alva: When I moved to London in 2012, I was writing on my own a lot. Before when I was living in Nashville – the songwriting capital of the world – I had never really written with other people, but I was determined to try it.

Al: When I met Alva, I was working on a Welsh-language album and looking to co-write songs for what I thought would be my next English solo album, but the first song I wrote with Alva made me think that this could perhaps be something separate and a bit special.

Alva: Four or five songs in, Al texted me one night – very 21st century – to ask if I’d like to release the songs together, as a duo. It had never occurred to me to do that – I figured they’d all be for his album – but I obviously said yes.

Al: Since that text we’ve released two EPs, Night Drives and Missing Years, performed at festivals such as Celtic Connections, Country 2 Country, Cambridge Folk, recorded live sessions for Dermot O’Leary and Ricky Ross on BBC Radio 2 / Scotland respectively and are now about to release our third EP Hidden Truths in October.

Alva: Our next big adventure will be flying the flag for the UK at Americana Fest in Nashville in a couple of weeks, previewing songs from Hidden Truths and our upcoming debut album, coming spring 2016.


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