Exclusive Premiere: NARCS x Forever Cult – “Blue Bags/Together”

Clue Records are a kick-ass label us AMBY folks are quite fond of. Based in Leeds, the purely independent DIY music lovers promote and help the bands they love. With a mission we completely support, we are so pleased to be teaming up with Clue Records to support their latest release — a new split tape featuring NARCSBlue Bags (a scuzzy and raw “narc-core” gem) and Forever Cult‘s Together (an explosive piece of melodic grunge-pop).

When asked about Blue Bags, Joe from NARCS tells us;

“Living in the time we do feels weird. People are constantly doing fucked up things to each other, empathy is treated as a weakness and meanness gains respect. Blue Bags is our response to this historical trend of man’s inhumanity to man, basically. We have a vote every 5 years but we have band practice more often and this is our outlet.”

On Together, Forever Cult’s Alex and Snowy share;

“It’s good to be able to put out one of the first things we ever wrote together. Although its probably not an accurate presentation of ourselves as a band now, its a song we come back to in rehearsal regularly. It’s one of the first songs we wrote Together but one of the most brutal and heavy songs we’ve ever played live.” (Alex) “It’s definitely brutal. One of the first times me and KK (Kieran, singer & guitarist) played it the drum wedge blew up, haha!” (Snowy)

Scheduled for release on October 17th for International Cassette Store Day, the limited edition tapes embrace the label and bands’ DIY mentality as all twenty-nine copies are hand-made with a unique sleeve. Pretty rad, right? Both unheard and unreleased, be one of the first to exclusively stream the two tracks on AMBY and follow updates from NARCS and Forever Cult below. Blue Bags/Together is available for pre-order here.


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