[Exclusive] Summer Sessions: Watch this intimate cover of James Morrison’s “Better Man” by The Katherines

The Katherines
is absolutely delighted to be hosting an exclusive five part series with The Katherines entitled Summer Sessions. Over the summertime, this Vancouver-based songstress trio (comprised of sisters Kate and Lauren Kurdyak, and Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher) recorded four covers and one original song in their own backyard — each flawless and showcasing their effortless harmonies. Today we’re sharing their take on Better Man by James Morrison. A duet between Kate and her little brother on cello, their intimate take on the song is absolutely breathtaking. Watch the video on AMBY and learn what Kate has to say about the cover below, and check back with us next Monday for another amazing rendition!


Kate: This is a song that I learned for the first time when I played it at a wedding as the couple walked down the aisle. I love this song because I think that it perfectly describes the feeling of loving someone because they make you a better person. That’s the kind of love that makes you want to be with someone forever, and give them “your soul to keep”.  My little brother and I wrote a cello part together and he plays it in the video. I’m hoping someday he’ll join the band.


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