Exclusive Video Premiere + Interview: Cattle & Cane – “Sold My Soul”

Cattle and Cane
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Hailing from Thornaby on Tees, Cattle & Cane shared their highly anticipated debut record Home with fans on September 18th. Taken from the album, we’re thrilled to premiere the new video for Sold My Soul — a gorgeous, soaring, folk-pop anthem for passionate souls. Before indulging in the film-clip which shows the band performing live and their fans soaking in the experience, enjoy our exclusive interview with the fivesome as we discuss the music video, favourite film-clips, and their debut record. Follow updates from Cattle & Cane, indulge in our interview, and exclusively watch Sold My Soul on AMBY below. Cattle & Cane are Joseph Hammill, Helen Hammill, Fran Hammill, Vin Hammill, and Tom Chapman.


AMBY: Hello Cattle & Cane, welcome to AMBY! How are you and where does our interview find you today?

Cattle & Cane: Hello AMBY we’re all really good! It’s just a last few get togethers before we begin our UK headline tour this Friday in Newcastle.

AMBY: What have you all been up to lately?

Cattle & Cane: Everything has been leading up to the release of our debut album which came out in September. There’s been a lot of pre-production for the tour and our album launch show in our home town was a pretty big thing for us.

AMBY: We’re delighted to be premiering your new video for Sold My Soul. Tell us a bit about the creation of it!

Cattle & Cane: Thank you! We’re delighted to be premiering it with you. It was filmed at our album launch gig at Teesside University in Middlesbrough last month. It was probably our biggest headline gig to date, so it made sense to capture it on film!

AMBY: What are some of your personal favourite music videos?

Cattle & Cane: Sivu – Better Man Than He, it’s a great track and an equally great video; The Head and the Heart – Down In The Valley, really cool video with a good vibe; any Beatles video!

AMBY: Going back to your debut record Home, congrats on its release! What was one of the highlights you had while creating it?

Cattle & Cane: The whole process was a highlight really. We wanted to do it in a relaxed environment where we could work and produce our best stuff. But saying that, just getting it finished and released is a highlight in itself for us after all this time.

AMBY: What is the story behind calling the record Home? Does the fact that four of you are siblings contribute to its name?

Cattle & Cane: Yea. A lot of the songs on the album relate to our home and feeling like we belong. With 4 siblings it’s hard to get away from the fact we all lived together and grew up around the same things and people. The band name is actually taken from a song by Australian band The Go Betweens. It sort of stuck out at the time of looking for a name and so went with it.

AMBY: Does having siblings in the band impact Cattle & Cane at all? Do you find you work better or butt heads more because of it?

Cattle & Cane: Bit of both. Vocals blend better. But we do all hate each so that hinders us a little bit. No love lost in this band. Tom our drummer just sits opened jawed sometimes when looking at us all arguing with each other…

AMBY: What has been your favorite Cattle & Cane moment of the year so far?

Cattle & Cane: We would have to say our album launch in our hometown was pretty unforgettable. To play to a thousand fans and have them sing back our songs to us was something we will never forget.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Cattle & Cane that your fans don’t know yet?

Cattle & Cane: Although the band has four siblings in it,  there are actually five other siblings kicking about. (No drummers though!)


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