Exclusive Video Premiere: Wyland – “Lifeboats”

Taken from their latest EP offering, Lifeboats is a passionate acoustic-pop release from Wyland. The New Jersey-based outfit (comprised of Ryan Sloan, Mauricio Salazar, and Richard Joyce) display their uplifting harmonies and dreamy pop sensibility to create one beauty of a song. When asked about the track, Wyland’s Ryan Sloan shares with AMBY;

“This song is certainly one of our favorites from the YITWGOYF record. For the video we wanted to capture the lyrical and musical dynamics of the song – which has this really beautiful progression that builds from a soft, acoustic beginning through to the bridge where the full band comes in and the song literally just soars. There’s a real elegance and strength throughout that which we wanted to capture – a somewhat ethereal quality that the song has. So we wanted the visuals to be very fluid and dreamy. We found this really beautiful landscape in Long Beach, NJ that has an old, historic lighthouse. In the video, this beautiful woman, played by Canadian-born actress Ariella Mastroianni, is being twisted and pulled by the melody of the song, both physically and emotionally, while the band is singing to her from within the lighthouse.”

Having recently played alongside Mumford & Sons at The Seaside Heights Gentleman of the Road stopover show, the band have since been busy as they’re currently gearing up to release their new EP. We can’t wait to see what else the trio have to offer.

Exclusively watch the video for Lifeboats on AMBY and follow updates from Wyland below. The You’re in the World, Get Off Your Feet EP is now available for download via iTunes here.


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