Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ HONNE

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Kicking off their 2015 Fall Tour earlier this week, electronic-soul duo HONNE (aka Andy and James) will play Stereo in Glasgow tonight. Ahead of the show, AMBY had a chat with the band to discuss their latest EP Over Lover, coming to North America, enjoying tennis, and household disputes. Enjoy our exclusive interview below:

AMBY: Welcome to AMBY, HONNE! How are you doing and where does our interview find you today?

HONNE: Hi AMBY, thanks for having us! We are really good thanks. Currently in a music shop in Manchester but shortly heading off to Leeds to continue our UK tour.

AMBY: Congratulations on the release of your new EP, Over Lover.  What were some of the highlights while making it?

HONNE: We’ve really enjoyed making this EP. A lot of thought went into it and we’re really pleased with the outcome. ‘No Place Like Home’ was  a particular highlight for us. Written between London and Tokyo, it’s one our favourites on the EP and Jones’ feature tops it all off.

AMBY: The lead track Loves The Jobs You Hate is such a cleverly written tune. What is the story behind the song?

HONNE: Thanks! It’s actually the result of a household dispute. I don’t like arguing much (I’m not very good at it) but I’m pleased this one happened otherwise the song may have never existed.

AMBY: Being that you have a few EPs under your belt, have you started writing material for a full-length record?

HONNE: We have. In fact, we are quite a way through it, which is very exciting and also a little scary. We’ll spend a bit more time really making sure it’s the best it can be, as you only get to do this once.

AMBY: You have just embarked on your UK tour. Which tracks are you most looking forward to playing live for you fans?

HONNE: I Can Give You Heaven is a good one live. Our drummer and bass player really (in their words) “go in” and it sounds really great, if we do say so ourselves.

AMBY: There are also a couple of U.S. dates in Brooklyn and NYC. Do you have any plans to play more North American shows? If so, where and when?

HONNE: Yes we do have plans, but they’re not concrete yet. We should be playing a string of shows around March next year. It’s all being planned as we speak.

AMBY: What do the two of you like to do outside of music for fun?

HONNE: We like to play tennis. Andy likes Badminton a lot but everyone he knows prefers tennis, so he never gets to play it. We also often swim at the Olympic Pool in London as it’s near our house.

AMBY: What would a movie based on the band be called?

HONNE: Ah yes, we can see it now….Honne – The Movie. That’d probably work right? Or maybe ‘Late Night Drives and Tennis With Honne’? Really catchy title.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about the band that nobody knows?

HONNE: Ohh, tricky. Here’s one – I (James) have never been in the same room as Andy whilst he has been recording vocals, which is quite unusual. Sorry if you were hoping for something a bit more saucy.


Thank you HONNE, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Yaz Atout | @YazAtout

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