Why We Love The HP Envy, Part Two – cooling, backlit keyboard, storage, oh my!

Since my first post on our HP Envy (the new laptop which Intel sent AMBY‘s way to experiment with) it’s been great testing out the device more as I’m discovering new features which really help with my day to day work.

After coming home from a concert, I never feel like working with the lights on (you know those moments where you just want to relax in the dark and work? or is that just me?) but didn’t have a choice to with my old laptop. Now I can work in the pitch black if need be as the HP Envy has a full-size backlit keyboard and numeric keypad, allowing me to easily type at night or in dim lighting.

When it comes to video or photo editing, it’s so nice to have a laptop with enough storage (an internal 8GB, to be exact) to carry all of my MP3s, videos, and photographs.

The other awesome feature about the HP Envy that I discovered is how it doesn’t overheat — there’s a reoccurring cool breeze flowing between the laptop which prevents any overheating to occur. Awesome, right?

So, what are your thoughts on the HP Envy? Join the Intel 2in1 army and comment below with your favourite features, and for all Intel 2in1 products, click here.

Article by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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