[Exclusive] Summer Sessions: The Katherines perform stripped down version of original song “Cherry Lips” in backyard

The Katherines
Over the last four weeks, AMBY has hosted four lovely covers as part of a five part series with The Katherines entitled Summer Sessions. Today we’re delighted to share the last video from the talented trio, an original called Cherry Lips. Over the summertime, this Vancouver-based songstress group (comprised of sisters Kate and Lauren Kurdyak, and Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher) recorded four covers and one original song in their own backyard — each flawless and showcasing their effortless harmonies. If you’ve been watching all of the videos, you’ll realize just how incredible these ladies are and we can’t wait to see what else they have coming up as we know they’ll pull off some incredible things in 2017. Watch the video on AMBY and learn what they have to say about the cover below.


Kate: The more we play this song the more we love doing it a little bit stripped down. In some ways the lyrics of the song are actually quite sad and when we perform it like this I always think about the story behind the lyrics. All three of us felt the loss of this relationship in different ways and the song has meaning for all of us. When we recorded this video it was 9 o’clock at night in our backyard so all of the neighbours were popping their heads out of their windows to listen. It was fun to play for this unexpected, impromptu audience.


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