Getting Cozy With: Black Thistles

Black Thistles
We are Black Thistles, a 4 piece indie band from Devon, England. Our songs are fast and fueled by Pepsi. We love the Simpsons (pre-season 10).

Sounds like The Strokes, Blur & Jamie T all put in a big toilet and mixed up.

Our 2nd EP “pop quiz” has just been released and we are real happy with it. We don’t like being boring so we will cut it short there, however we religiously (radicallist tweetists) Tweet and Facebook so like us and touch our bird online to see our bits. If we were to be paid click bait adverts, these would be our titles.

4 Belly Fat Burning EP Tracks That Have Scientists Baffled!

Banks Hate This Band! How You Can Spunk Your Overdraft Up The Wall Too!


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