Review: The Cribs @ O2 Academy Sheffield – Sheffield

Rowdy crowd surfing, trashy lyrics, and heavily distorted guitar riffs ensure The Cribs are always a live band to behold. Energetic and loud, the Jarmans may not have mastered wistful vocals, but that’s never been what The Cribs are about. Screaming those lyrics aloud as a teen or shouting “Hey Scenesters” alongside a packed O2 Academy in Sheffield, the feeling is inevitably, and always one of letting loose everything not in that moment.

Declaring his admiration for the Sheffield crowd, Ryan Jarman spoke plentifully throughout the night, praising those before him on more than one occasion. Even if at times that unforgettable Wakefield accent disguised his words to a point of confusion, the sentiment still remained.

Ten years after the hell bent crazy years surrounding the release of The New Fellas, The Cribs have undeniably matured, but that blast of past ferocity is never a far from their live performances. ‘Hey Scenesters!’ and ‘Mirror Kissers’ bring the raucous atmosphere to its peak, and with debut hits such as ‘Another Number’ creeping in the Jarman brothers never brush past their screechy, bent and broken oldies.

In fact, much of The Cribs’ older material is what still remains a prominent driving force for their performances today. ‘Be Safe’, ‘Moving Pictures’, and ‘Our Bovine Public’ all taken from Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever their third installment of trashy pop, feature, and as the familiar hook of ‘Mens Needs’ is plucked out, all those in tattered leather and denim jackets booted up to the ankles with converse kick off in timely fashion.

New editions however don’t appear to lurk in the shadows. ‘Pink Snow’ the penultimate track from 2015’s For All My Sisters, has recently taken the pleasure of closing their performances. As the mellow steady verses settle, explosive guitar riffs and heavy drum clatters only arrive with more force and power, leaving your ears ringing and your head a blur.


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Review by Jacob Flannery |

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