You’ve GOT to Hear This: Tuff Love – “Duke”

Tuff LoveAt the risk of sounding derogatory, which is certainly not my intention, there is something reassuringly familiar about the new single Duke from Glasgow duo Tuff Love. Here is a song which the term ‘indie’ appears to be very specifically designed for, and it is absolutely thrilling that a contemporary band are still creating such perfectly formed material that falls so neatly into this often distorted, difficult to define and misrepresented musical genre in 2015.

The track instantly bursts into life as jangly guitar melodies lay out the schematics of the composition, and the distinctive guitar sound so redolent of a particular musical era develops to form the bedrock of the entire song. These very rigid indie foundations certainly seem to have been colluding with some of the most infamous gang members that emerged during the eighties and nineties and the results are satisfyingly placed front and centre of the track. In its presentation, Tuff Love certainly appear to have invited us all to a 21st Century party and in an inexplicable chain of events, The Smiths seem to have arrived and they’ve locked themselves in their parent’s bedroom with The Violent Femmes. The rest of us are all pressed up against the door waiting to see what emerges. What we hear are dreamily downbeat vocals which swell with a sudden shot of vitality and depth once the more colourful harmonies begin to weave their way through the track. Duke begins to develop a fuzzy lo-fi personality all of its own and it breaks free from it’s influences, morphing into an evocative reminder of those perfect three minute dances on the indie nightclub dancefloor. It would appear that Tuff Love are eager to capture a not-too-distant musical era and for those who were there, it is still one that we hold very dear to our hearts. Thanks for reminding us how much fun it was Tuff Love!

If you want to experience the time machine-esque effect that Tuff Love are beginning to have on music at the moment you can catch them on their forthcoming UK and European tour which kicks off in November. This tour will commence with a date at the Iceland Airwaves Festival.

Tuff Love are also excited to announce their new EP Dregs, which is due Nov 6th via Lost Map Records and you can see them live in the UK at the following dates here.


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Review by Iain Fox | @IainFoxPhoto

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