Getting Cozy With: Dru Cutler

Dru Cutler
Photo by Vladimir Weinstein

Do you remember what you got for your thirteenth birthday? The new Smashing Pumpkins record? A pair of Doc Martins? A walkman?

For my birthday I asked for a pricy pearl-white Fender guitar. Instead, Mom got me a cheap, jet black, pawn-shop six string with stickers all over it — but I didn’t care. After months of waiting, I finally owned an instrument.

Like anyone in middle-school, my main goal was to write songs and get chicks.

Do you remember your first love? Your first trip to the roller rink? Your first kiss on the playground? We’re drawn to nostalgia. That’s why I write songs about it. I’m curious too.

“Familiar” was written about folks that used to be in my life, places I used to visit, feelings I once had. That bittersweet kiss of a fading memory.

Now, Brooklyn is my home. I live in a DIY loft in Bushwick called Unit J. We’re a collective of artists that decided to build our own performance venue. When you see a show at our loft, you’re literally in our living room. Our dog, Maya, is likely to come and make you scratch her backside.

Throughout, the most important thing to me is that my music be experienced in a way that’s personal and relatable.


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