Review: Diarrhea Planet and Music Band @ The Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto

I am coining a phrase today. The phrase is “hug moshing”, and it was what a select few people were doing at the front of the crowd when I went to see Diarrhea Planet last Thursday. I don’t think this new term requires much explanation, but for anyone who is confused, people were hugging one another while playfully pushing each other around. Don’t get me wrong, it was still aggressive. People still got hurt (I know because I did). But they got hurt while being in the best of spirits. That particular kind of rocking out is very demonstrative of the Diarrhea Planet vibe. There is a lot of intensity and heaviness to the music, but the songs remain high spirited and positive in nature. The show is a perfect way to release some angst and tension, while simultaneously having a great fucking time.

There is no doubt you will leave seeing DP with a smile on your face (see what I did there? the kinksters will get it.), and with upbeat, well-written melodies imprinted on your brain. Diarrhea Planet was not at all what I expected them to be musically when I first saw the name. When I saw “Diarrhea Planet” in print for the first time, I giggled a lot and thought to myself “ok… you may or may not go see them, but you have to find out what a band with the name Diarrhea Planet sounds like”. I checked them out and was really shocked, not just by the melodic, lighthearted pop-punk sound, but by how much I appreciated the originality of what I heard. These days it’s pretty rare when you find so much innovation in song writing. The creative edge they have found together as a band is immediately noticeable and shines through the music.

In Canada, Diarrhea Planet was recently signed to Dine Alone Records. Through Dine Alone, as of October 30th of this year, DP re-released their first two records “I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams” and “Loose Jewels”. It’s great to see that Dine Alone is supporting these guys. I like knowing that bands with so much raw talent and potential are being looked after here as well as in the States. We’ll have to keep watching Diarrhea Planet and Dine Alone to see what comes next.

These guys are great. Diarrhea Planet sound amazing, and the live show will not disappoint. They are headed in the right direction as long as they keep doing what they’re doing… because it’s working.


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Review by Thea McKay

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